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Coming up with a social media plan can be a time consuming part of blogging. This is why finding prompts for your social media channels is super helpful. My favorite form of social media prompts comes in the form of one-word prompts, as they are not restrictive. It’s easy to use them as inspiration for Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Here’s three ways to use these 30 days of social media post prompts.

Use Post Prompts to Plan Instagram Images

This is probably the easiest way to use one-word post prompts. The one word prompts can help inspire imagery that elicits the thoughts or emotions in the prompts. For example:

  • Joy – a happy looking picture of you, when you felt joy
  • B&W – well, this is pretty simple – a black and white photo you like!
  • Vintage – find a vintage item you love and snap a pic!

Reading those, you see what I mean – these simply serve as prompts to help you look for things. This is particularly helpful when you feel totally lost on what to post.

Use Post Prompts to Plan Instagram Captions

Ohhhh, captions. Those can be a challenge. Some folks opt for inspirational quotes. Some just share their thoughts from the photos they are posting. Others share their feelings. Having prompts helps you to find captions with intentionality. It can also help you find new hashtags outside of your usual ones to help grow your following – make sure to use Tailwind’s hashtag planner to find new hashtags to help you find and use the best ones for your posts.

Social Media Post Prompts Provide Community

Many of those who use social media post prompts are part of a community that uses the same hashtag. It helps them find each other, and be inspired by others who are using the same prompts. Social media is all about community, and gathering around common things - so finding a good set of social media prompts helps a lot with continuing to develop relationships. Grab the image with the prompts here, and save it to Pinterest for future use! social media post prompts