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One of the most interesting parts about being active in the direct sales world is that there are opportunities everywhere. Each time you turn around, you’ll see folks offering a ground floor opportunity with yet another company. Greener grass abounds. We all know that But what if it’s not just imaginary greener grass? What if it IS time to visit another opportunity? Here are 5 questions that every direct seller should ask themselves before changing direct sales companies.

Am I Just Burnt Out?

Burnout is a very real thing in direct sales. Consultants have to be involved in so many aspects of their direct sales company – keeping up with new products, managing community, promoting new products, and in some cases, packing and shipping product. Direct sales can be a juggling act (but with flaming chainsaws, let’s be real), and one that gets exhausting.

Before quitting, take a good hard look, and ask, “am I just burnt out?” If you are, then find a way to rest and recharge. It will help.

Am I Experiencing Shiny Object Syndrome?

Ground floor! Brand new! Be a MILLIONAIRE! These are the trademarks of a new direct sales company – the companies rely on their reps to help get the word out about the company as a brand ambassador if you will.

Let’s be real, every direct sales company has bad days when you think “OMG THIS IS DRIVING ME INSANE” and you look longingly at another company. Well, friend, let me tell you, that company’s feet stink too. They surely have an underbelly of issues exactly the same as the ones you’re dealing with, and if they don’t have those issues….well, let’s just use the word YET.

You may be shocked to hear this, but there is no such thing as a perfect company: there are flawed companies that you believe in and choose to represent. If you’re searching for perfection, you’re going to be disappointed.

Why Am I Leaving My Current Direct Sales Company?

I spent six months struggling over whether or not to leave LuLaRoe before I finally pulled the plug on my business. I still do love the business and think that there is great opportunity, however, I knew that I could no longer keep up with the time and business commitment needed to be successful. Being okay with that was something that I had to learn.

I wasn’t leaving because I had a bad day; I wasn’t leaving because I had a bad month. I wasn’t leaving for any reason other than that I simply could not do what needed to be done to achieve the compensation to make it worth it for me. Most of my time spent on the business was in maintenance tasks, rather than the tasks that would help me to grow my customer base.

That’s why I opted for a business that directly shipped to customers – I could spend more time promoting the business and connecting with team and customers.

What Do You Want to Accomplish?

In the direct sales industry, many sellers have their “why” – the driving factor behind everything that they do. It varies from spending time with family, finding confidence (for themselves and others), having spending money,  or perhaps even having an excuse for a “girls night out.”

Before making any changes, it’s important to ask: “is this serving my purpose?” Does the company accomplish that you’re looking to achieve? If it does not, then the entire reason you join a direct sales company has been completely negated. A careful review of what the company has to offer you and your specific dreams is important to make the decision of staying or leaving.

What Feeds Your Soul?

We’re about to get deep here. You don’t want to spend your time doing something that you don’t love doing. In fact, direct sales is presented as an alternative to the average American 9-5 job – this is to help those who don’t WANT to go to an office for work every day. The income from direct sales is often touted as an alternative to the traditional job. However, if a direct sales company starts to suck at your soul, then it might be time for some change. While it’s not a decision you should make quickly and lightly, there’s truly something to that “gut feeling” when you just know that it’s time for a change.

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