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One of the few blogging-related benefits of my day job is a 2-hour commute. It typically takes me 45-50 minutes to get to work in the morning, and 50-55 minutes to get home in the evening. Strangely enough, that time spent in the car has become a valuable resource in my blogging journey, as I have sought out ways to redeem that 10 hours or so per week. I subscribed to Audible, which I HIGHLY recommend (especially for finance and high level information), however, Audible is best for evergreen content, not the rapidly updating world of blogging. Podcasts – specifically, blogging podcasts – have become a highlight of my commute and an integral learning tool. Here’s 6 of my favorite blogging podcasts you should listen to in 2019.

As a note: if you’re worried about feeling like you’re out of your league, just download the podcasts and give it a go! Familiarity with the terminology and concepts will help you grow in confidence daily. It doesn’t matter if you have one post, or one hundred posts, these podcasts have valuable lessons for bloggers in every stage of their blogging journey.

Hello, WP!

Who: WPMU Dev
Topic: WordPress
Publishing schedule: Season 1 will be released January 2019

How has this podcast helped me?
This podcast has my attention. As an avid Podcast listener, I am familiar with podcasts like Serial and This American Life. Hello, WP! takes a similar approach to a beginning WordPress user. I first heard a review of this podcast on WP the Podcast (see more about that one below), and immediately downloaded and listened to the preview teaser, and the stand-alone episode about the release of WordPress 5.0. This one has the potential to really open the eyes of beginning WordPress users to the power of the WordPress community.

As a fun Easter Egg, the title of this podcast is a nod to the first post of every WordPress blog: “Hello, World.” It’s like the response of every beginning WordPress user: “Hello, WP!”

Read more about Hello, WP! HERE.

Recipe for SEO Success with Kate Toon

Who: Kate Toon, SEO Copywriter
Topic: SEO
Publishing schedule: Weekly

How has this podcast helped me?
KATE, when you see this I LOVE YOU. (Backlinks may bring Kate here; I sure hope so.)  Joking aside, I LOVE Kate Toon, and her ability to explain SEO in a way that neither belittles the beginner nor bores the expert. She also brings in experts for her podcast, including the creator of the Yoast plugin (that was an incredible episode).

Also, she calls mansplaining “willy waving” and that is just the cutest thing ever. I don’t know if that’s an Aussie saying, or just a Kate-ism, but my girl crush on her got bigger when I saw that Facebook post. She’s so incredibly relatable as a woman working in a male-dominated field. Every time I find a woman excelling in this field, I just want to stand on a chair and cheer for her. Kate rocks what she does, and is my go-to person for SEO recommendations.

Click here to visit Kate’s website, and make sure you sign up for her FREE SEO Nibbles mini email course.

Divi Chat

Who: A group of Divi-loving designers and developers
Topic: WordPress and beyond
Publishing schedule: weekly

How has this podcast helped me?
I downloaded this podcast the day I purchased the Divi theme from Elegant Themes, because I didn’t know what in the world I was doing with that theme and I needed help. This blog is currently on a Genesis framework, and my other site is on Divi. To my utter delight, Divi Chat is far more than a theme-specific podcast. The team tackles mindset, practical blogging information, impostor syndrome, Google analytics, and whatever topic they feel like discussing. While Divi is brought up frequently, all topics relate in some way to working on the internet, and is useful for all. Just don’t mind that the usefulness comes with a Divi wrapper.

As a bonus, the podcast is recorded live and streamed on YouTube. The panel is attentive to the live stream comment section, and interacts with those who join in and listen. They are appreciative of those who join them both live, and through the posted recording. If I can, I watch the live and try to interact – it’s all about community! Plus, when I go introduce myself to the Divichat folks at various Wordcamps this year, I want them to recognize my name!

Learn more about Divi Chat HERE.

WP the Podcast

Who: David Blackmon and Tim Strifler
Topic: WordPress
Publishing schedule: Daily

How has this podcast helped me?
Don’t have a lot of time but want simple, practical bites of information? WP the Podcast is going to be PERFECT. I want to stay up to date on the WordPress world, hear about WordCamp, Gutenberg, plugins, best practices – you name it, I want to know it. Most of the time, WP the Podcast episodes are completed with 7 minutes. Occasionally, they may be a little longer, but they bring high levels of value to my day. Sweet, simple, and to the point: it’s a winning combination!

Read more about WP the Podcast HERE.

Go-to Gal

Who: Jaclyn Mallone
Topic: Mindset and marketing
Publishing schedule: Weekly

How has this podcast helped me?
Okay – full disclosure. This podcast has a lot of change and transition coming in 2019. It’s currently called “All Up In Your Lady Business,” and is hosted by Jaclyn Mallone and Jessica Stansberry, a YouTube marketer. They are discontinuing the podcast together, as it doesn’t quite fit their big picture strategy together. However, while Jessica is killing it on YouTube, Jaclyn is busting into the podcasting world. Without hesitation, the two decided that Jaclyn would keep the podcast and rebrand it with her personal “Go to Gal” branding, which is all about finding a niche and digging deep.

I LOVE this podcast because the two work incredibly well together, and have influenced my mindset on a lot of aspects of being in business. I look forward to seeing what Jaclyn does with the podcast in 2019 and am so excited to cheer her on!

Goal Digger

Who: Jenna Kutcher
Topic: Social Media
Publishing schedule: 2x a week

How has this podcast helped me?
It’s no secret that Jenna Kutcher is a boss. She’s taken over the world of social media and marketing for fempreneurs. This podcast covers everything from Instagram to mindset. Feeling like you need a shot of creative juices? Go listen to Jenna. She WILL inspire you. (also, on a personal level, you’ll find her inspiring! I’d rather follow Jenna Kutcher than any other big-name female influencer out there today. She’s open about her curves and insecurities linked to those curves while being married to “Mr. Six Pack” and her miscarriages.

My only peeve with this podcast is that she has multiple sponsors for each episode, so it gets to the point where I ALMOST get annoyed with the commercials, BUT at the same time, the hustler in me is cheering for her, knowing that she has this monetization down to an art.

Read more about the Goal Digger podcast HERE.

Do you listen to any business podcasts? Got any blogging podcasts that have blown your mind? I would LOVE to hear about them in the comments: tell me about them! I am always looking for more resources to help me on my entrepreneur journey, and I would love to find out about so many new ones that I have to write a part 2 for this post. Tell me in the comments so I can look the podcast up!

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