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oh hey, friend. 

My Story


At the heart of every pearl is a single piece of grit. My goal is to help you find that grit inside you


Here’s a little bit about me:

  • I am obsessed with pearls and have collected them from around the world
  • I have major blogging goals to reach the entire world
  • I want to help bloggers reach new passive income levels

Whether your goal is blogging, direct sales, or finding amazing resources just to help make your life just a little bit better and brighter, this blog is meant to be a home for you.

I’m glad you’re here, and remember: it takes grit to be a pearl.




What You Should Know About Me

At the heart of every pearl is a piece of GRIT.

Have you noticed pearls around here? I’m slightly obsessed. I love them because they started from a piece of irritation that was turned into something beautiful.

My blogging journey has been global

From a rambling blog full of small town college graduate musings, to a blog about a globe-trotter’s journey, to a sales-based direct sales blog, and now to a blog that’s finding it’s own way in the world, I’ve written about it all!

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My Approach

(this photo isn’t me. It’s some stock model. Isn’t she pretty?) 

Featured Publications

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