• 6 Blogging Podcasts You Should Subscribe to in 2019

    One of the few blogging-related benefits of my day job is a 2-hour commute. It typically takes me 45-50 minutes to get to work in the morning, and 50-55 minutes to get home in the evening. Strangely enough, that time spent in the car has become a valuable resource in my blogging journey, as I have sought out ways to redeem that 10 hours or so per week. I subscribed to Audible, which I HIGHLY recommend (especially for finance and high level information), however, Audible is best for evergreen content, not the rapidly updating world of blogging. Podcasts – specifically, blogging podcasts – have become a highlight of my commute and an integral learning tool. Here’s 6 of my favorite blogging podcasts you should listen to in 2019.

    As a note: if you’re worried about feeling like you’re out of your league, just download the podcasts and give it a go! Familiarity with the terminology and concepts will help you grow in confidence daily. It doesn’t matter if you have one post, or one hundred posts, these podcasts have valuable lessons for bloggers in every stage of their blogging journey.

    Hello, WP!

    Who: WPMU Dev
    Topic: WordPress
    Publishing schedule: Season 1 will be released January 2019

    How has this podcast helped me?
    This podcast has my attention. As an avid Podcast listener, I am familiar with podcasts like Serial and This American Life. Hello, WP! takes a similar approach to a beginning WordPress user. I first heard a review of this podcast on WP the Podcast (see more about that one below), and immediately downloaded and listened to the preview teaser, and the stand-alone episode about the release of WordPress 5.0. This one has the potential to really open the eyes of beginning WordPress users to the power of the WordPress community.

    As a fun Easter Egg, the title of this podcast is a nod to the first post of every WordPress blog: “Hello, World.” It’s like the response of every beginning WordPress user: “Hello, WP!”

    Read more about Hello, WP! HERE.

    Recipe for SEO Success with Kate Toon

    Who: Kate Toon, SEO Copywriter
    Topic: SEO
    Publishing schedule: Weekly

    How has this podcast helped me?
    KATE, when you see this I LOVE YOU. (Backlinks may bring Kate here; I sure hope so.)  Joking aside, I LOVE Kate Toon, and her ability to explain SEO in a way that neither belittles the beginner nor bores the expert. She also brings in experts for her podcast, including the creator of the Yoast plugin (that was an incredible episode).

    Also, she calls mansplaining “willy waving” and that is just the cutest thing ever. I don’t know if that’s an Aussie saying, or just a Kate-ism, but my girl crush on her got bigger when I saw that Facebook post. She’s so incredibly relatable as a woman working in a male-dominated field. Every time I find a woman excelling in this field, I just want to stand on a chair and cheer for her. Kate rocks what she does, and is my go-to person for SEO recommendations.

    Click here to visit Kate’s website, and make sure you sign up for her FREE SEO Nibbles mini email course.

    Divi Chat

    Who: A group of Divi-loving designers and developers
    Topic: WordPress and beyond
    Publishing schedule: weekly

    How has this podcast helped me?
    I downloaded this podcast the day I purchased the Divi theme from Elegant Themes, because I didn’t know what in the world I was doing with that theme and I needed help. This blog is currently on a Genesis framework, and my other site is on Divi. To my utter delight, Divi Chat is far more than a theme-specific podcast. The team tackles mindset, practical blogging information, impostor syndrome, Google analytics, and whatever topic they feel like discussing. While Divi is brought up frequently, all topics relate in some way to working on the internet, and is useful for all. Just don’t mind that the usefulness comes with a Divi wrapper.

    As a bonus, the podcast is recorded live and streamed on YouTube. The panel is attentive to the live stream comment section, and interacts with those who join in and listen. They are appreciative of those who join them both live, and through the posted recording. If I can, I watch the live and try to interact – it’s all about community! Plus, when I go introduce myself to the Divichat folks at various Wordcamps this year, I want them to recognize my name!

    Learn more about Divi Chat HERE.

    WP the Podcast

    Who: David Blackmon and Tim Strifler
    Topic: WordPress
    Publishing schedule: Daily

    How has this podcast helped me?
    Don’t have a lot of time but want simple, practical bites of information? WP the Podcast is going to be PERFECT. I want to stay up to date on the WordPress world, hear about WordCamp, Gutenberg, plugins, best practices – you name it, I want to know it. Most of the time, WP the Podcast episodes are completed with 7 minutes. Occasionally, they may be a little longer, but they bring high levels of value to my day. Sweet, simple, and to the point: it’s a winning combination!

    Read more about WP the Podcast HERE.

    Go-to Gal

    Who: Jaclyn Mallone
    Topic: Mindset and marketing
    Publishing schedule: Weekly

    How has this podcast helped me?
    Okay – full disclosure. This podcast has a lot of change and transition coming in 2019. It’s currently called “All Up In Your Lady Business,” and is hosted by Jaclyn Mallone and Jessica Stansberry, a YouTube marketer. They are discontinuing the podcast together, as it doesn’t quite fit their big picture strategy together. However, while Jessica is killing it on YouTube, Jaclyn is busting into the podcasting world. Without hesitation, the two decided that Jaclyn would keep the podcast and rebrand it with her personal “Go to Gal” branding, which is all about finding a niche and digging deep.

    I LOVE this podcast because the two work incredibly well together, and have influenced my mindset on a lot of aspects of being in business. I look forward to seeing what Jaclyn does with the podcast in 2019 and am so excited to cheer her on!

    Goal Digger

    Who: Jenna Kutcher
    Topic: Social Media
    Publishing schedule: 2x a week

    How has this podcast helped me?
    It’s no secret that Jenna Kutcher is a boss. She’s taken over the world of social media and marketing for fempreneurs. This podcast covers everything from Instagram to mindset. Feeling like you need a shot of creative juices? Go listen to Jenna. She WILL inspire you. (also, on a personal level, you’ll find her inspiring! I’d rather follow Jenna Kutcher than any other big-name female influencer out there today. She’s open about her curves and insecurities linked to those curves while being married to “Mr. Six Pack” and her miscarriages.

    My only peeve with this podcast is that she has multiple sponsors for each episode, so it gets to the point where I ALMOST get annoyed with the commercials, BUT at the same time, the hustler in me is cheering for her, knowing that she has this monetization down to an art.

    Read more about the Goal Digger podcast HERE.

    Do you listen to any business podcasts? Got any blogging podcasts that have blown your mind? I would LOVE to hear about them in the comments: tell me about them! I am always looking for more resources to help me on my entrepreneur journey, and I would love to find out about so many new ones that I have to write a part 2 for this post. Tell me in the comments so I can look the podcast up!

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  • Overcoming Impostor Syndrome as a Business Owner

    Our business is nearly finalized. Joe and I currently run three websites – I’m actively putting together The Social Well, Joe runs EccentricWare, and of course, this site, thehollypeck. Soon, we need to go sign paperwork for our corporation (not just an LLC, we’re going with an S Corp!). I’ve already brought in more than $200,000 in sales from two completely different business. My team of nearly a hundred Color Street nail bosses has sold more than $150,000 worth of nail polish (and yes, it’s an $11-14 product) in the past year. On Black Friday, I bought website hosting, the Divi Wordpress theme, and installed WordPress and the theme without blinking an eye. Why then, do I feel like such an imposter? Here’s just a few reminders for myself, as I personally work on overcoming imposter syndrome as a business owner. My hope is that these words may resonate with you as well.

    What is Impostor Syndrome?

    Let’s go straight to the dictionary for an answer:

    “Originally called impostor phenomenon, impostor syndrome, as it’s now usually called, is commonly understood as a false and sometimes crippling belief that one’s successes are the product of luck or fraud rather than skill.” Retrieved from Merriam-Webster “Words at Play” blog, 11/30/2018.

    Have you ever heard someone who, when asked about their success, just kind of shrugged, and said “right place, right time”? That is a form of impostor syndrome right there.

    Sure, there is a time and a place for “old money” or for those who have connections (though, from my observations, they don’t tend to downplay their success as much as those who have worked hard for it).

    Why Impostor Syndrome in Business Hurts You

    Impostor syndrome leads you to believe that you’re only successful because you got lucky. Because you just happened to start in the right place at the right time.

    You know, folks may SAY that – I mean, I’ve heard it in business many times. Truthfully, I’ve even thought it (much to my chagrin).

    “How did she hit that top rank in her direct sales business?”

    “Just got lucky, I guess – joined at the right time and was in the right place.”


    I could not possibly hate that more. Here’s the thing: some may THINK that they see luck, but it’s disguised as hard work.

    The same thing happens in the blogging world.

    “How does she make a living out of her blog? I mean, come on, it’s sooooo basic. Just post stuff on the internet, and people buy. How hard is that? She must have just started blogging at the right time. It’s too late for me to do that; so many other people do the exact same thing.”

    Again, stop. Behind the scenes, successful bloggers are constantly tweaking their blogs; learning SEO strategies, creating courses to share their knowledge, promoting their posts, scheduling content on social media, etc. The work could go on constantly until the end of time.

    But let’s go back to the core here: if you attribute your success to sheer dumb luck, you invalidate the power of all the work that you did to achieve success.

    You hear me?

    There are enough people out there who will put you down; you do not need to join those ranks.

    Let’s Talk About How to Conquer Impostor Syndrome (in Your Business)

    Friend, first off, acknowledge your success.

    Pause. Look around. Look how far you’ve come, and how much progress you’ve made. That didn’t just happen. It happened because you put your head down, and you did the work. You’ve progressed further than you’ve ever dreamed possible.

    Secondly, look at what didn’t happen. Did your work change your goals? If you’re like me, then YES. When you started to hone in on your goals, hopes, and dreams, you probably experienced a shift. A fine-tuning, if you will. Work shapes and refines you, and helps you to gain that laser focus on your goals. Revel in that: you are not an impostor in your success. If everything had been sheer dumb luck, then it wouldn’t fit your goals, hopes, directions, and dreams.

    Finally, if you’re still claiming that your success is the gift of serendipity, then I’d encourage you to sit down and take a second look. Look at what led up your success. See the late nights spent working. Note the financial sacrifices. Dedication and discipline were hallmarks of your journey.

    Tell me in the comments – do you struggle with impostor syndrome? What do you do to help work through it? How do you overcome it?

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  • Mercari App: Turn Clutter into Cash

    Over the past few months, I have been decluttering. Now that I am no longer a LuLaRoe retailer, I no longer need a lot of the clothing that I wore in the past. I don’t necessarily have need for all the accessories that I had. Nor do I need some of the more brightly colored shoes that I purchased to go with outfits for photo shoots. Since May, I have made more than a thousand dollars, just putting items up and waiting for someone else to buy them. The Mercari app is a great way to turn clutter into cash.

    Best of all – use this link to create a Mercari account, and you can get a $10 coupon for your first purchase (even if you don’t use it, I get a $2 credit, so take advantage of it!)

    How the Mercari App Works

    Using the Mercari app is fairly simple:

    • Download the Mercari App
    • Use this link to create an account
    • List items for sale
      • Take pictures via the app (up to 8 photos per listing)
      • Use a keyword rich title (ie, “Apple Magic Mouse” will get more intentional hits than “bluetooth mouse”
      • List the actual brand (shoppers don’t like “comparable” brands)
      • List the condition of the item – make sure that this is accurate!
      • Describe the item – make sure that if there are any flaws, you account for them. For example, I got nail polish remover on my Apple Magic Mouse (is anyone surprised?). If I was to list it, I MUST disclose that information!
      • Use up to three tags
      • Give your shipping information – you can either ship on your own, using a service like Paypal shipping, or anything, OR Mercari will send you a pre-paid label. I prefer to ship on my own, as I personally own a scale and a label printer, BUT you may want to opt for the convenience of the pre-paid label.
      • Hit “list” and wait for your item to sell!
    • You can search for items you may be interested in buying (I mean, after all, you do get a $10 coupon for signing up!)

    How to Get Cash with the Mercari App

    Here’s how to get cash with the Mercari App. Once you’ve created an account, you can list your items for sale. There is NO COST to post items (you pay 10% of the final SALE value – ie, if I sell a dress for $40, I will receive $36 from Mercari), and there are no limits on how many items you can have posted (that I have found!). Once someone purchases an item, you have 3 days to ship it.

    Protip: responding quickly and shipping quickly gets you “badges” on your profile, and some buyers make purchasing decisions based off these badges: quick shipper (ships within 24 hours, NOT counting weekends or holidays), fast responder (responds to messages within an average of 12 hours), and reliable (doesn’t cancel orders, high ratings from buyers).  

    Here’s where it gets fun: the BUYER gets to rate the seller within 3 days of receipt (per tracking confirmation of delivery). The buyer’s rating (using a system of stars, 1 star = poor; 5 stars = excellent) releases the funds, and voila! You get paid. If a buyer does not rate the seller within those 72 hours, then Mercari will close the transaction and issue you the funds.

    Balances above $10 transfer to your bank account for FREE and typically are deposited within 3-5 business days. You can also use the funds as credit for purchases YOU make on the app.

    Strategies for Selling with the Mercari App

    First, I like to do a little research before listing items. I like to answer these questions:

    • Are others selling the same items?
    • If so, what kind of prices do they have?
    • Are similar items actually selling, or are they just sitting?
    • Are there a lot of “new” items like what you are looking to list? If there are a lot of new ones, it could be harder to sell a used item.

    Here are a few strategies that I use when selling:

    • Free shipping is super attractive for shoppers, so I price my items accordingly to “include” the shipping cost. It’s ALL about the psychology of someone thinking that they are getting something for free.
    • I ALWAYS price higher than the final total I hope to get – if I want $20 for an item, I will list it for $30, expecting to lower the price to $25 to cover the shipping costs and get the $20 I want.
    • Use ALL your photo options – with 8 photos, you can show all kinds of angles and information. Make sure to be incredibly accurate with your descriptions so that no buyer can claim the listing was innaccurate.

    What is your experience with decluttering? Have you ever tried the Mercari App to sell items?

  • MiloTree: An Easy Tool to Grow Your Social Media Following

    Creating great content is only one part of a successful blogger’s strategy. Promoting content on social channels brings new viewers as well as repeat viewers. That means growing your social media channels so that you have more eyes seeing the great content. I’d like to introduce you to an easy tool to help you grow your social media following: MiloTree.

    What is MiloTree?

    MiloTree is a plugin for your WordPress blog that creates a pop up that appears on a designated page of your website to encourage those reading your blog to find you on another social channel. It contains a link that sends them to follow you there. Additionally, you can designate how often the popup appears on your site – you can have it appear once a day, it can appear on the left or right side of your site, or it can be suppressed on mobile – there are tons of options.

    Oh, and the best part – you can totally customize it to show your brand colors, so it can be unique to YOU and your branding!

    What does MiloTree Do?

    Have a social channel that you want to grow? MiloTree is a great tool to point people towards that channel. What is your social media focus? Are you trying to grow your Pinterest, youtube channel, or your Instagram? You can designate that the popup on your website funnel people to that social channel to follow you.

    Check out my Milotree popup! In face, you may have seen it popup on this page as you started scrolling.

    milotree pop up for pinterest

    Since I installed MiloTree in June 2018 (I’m hitting publish on this post in October 2018), my Pinterest following has grown by 300. Part of that has been consistency in pinning, and part of it has been helping people find how to follow me more easily. On my analytics page, I can see the upward trajectory, which is so exciting and encouraging as I am growing my reach.

    milotree growth

    How Can I Get MiloTree?

    You can get a free one-month trial of MiloTree HERE. You can also test a preview of what it will look like on your site. After that one month trial expires, MiloTree costs $9 a month, and can be paid yearly. It is a GREAT investment in growing your social channels. What channel do or will you use Milotree for? Tell me in the comments! While you’re at it, make sure to check out the free blogger’s toolkit, with a list of plugins and resources for you to work your blog and increase your social media following.

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  • How to Create a Direct Sales Opportunity Packet

    It’s exciting when someone requests more information about how to join your direct sales company. It’s also scary, because you want to tell them ALL THE THINGS. Some people, like me, get a sample and sign up within 72 hours. Others need some more information to be able to digest and determine if your company is right for them. That’s why preparing a direct sales opportunity packet is a great way to help your direct sales team grow.

    Why Create a Direct Sales Opportunity Packet?

    Information overload can do two things: excite one potential recruit, and scare away another. That’s why it’s important to find a good balance of information to share so that people have the way to access information needed for them to know if the business is a good fit for them.

    Creating an opportunity packet can help you in many ways:

    • It helps you be READY when someone comes to you asking about the business! You’re never caught without an answer; you can say “funny you ask, I have just the thing for you!”
    • It helps you to not flood potential recruits with disjointed information – you should have heard me stumble in the beginning – “OMG Color Street is so amazing, I mean, the product is affordable and then OMG the comp plan and you should totally join cause it’s the BEST COMPANY EVER.” While all of that is true, and my feelings of WOW over this company have not subsided, many recruits want the facts and the basics!
    • Creating resources like this helps you save time – batch processing is a HUGE time saver for me, and it helps me to be able to focus on all the tasks that I balance as a leader in my company and for my team

    What Should Go In Your Direct Sales Opportunity Packet?

    Here’s a list of all the things I include in my opportunity packet:

    • Personalized note saying how happy I am to work with them and help them
    • Current catalog
    • Old version of catalog, so that they can see the history of the company (plus, it’s a great way to use up old catalogs without guilt!)
    • Copy of the compensation plan
    • Hostess benefits sheet
    • 10 samples to help them “jump start” their business – that way they don’t have to wait for the kit to make magic happen!
    • Product sample – I want them to see how I share the product with others, so they don’t have to “reinvent the wheel”
    • Depending on the person (and the product), I MAY include a full size piece of product – I just follow my gut on this one
    • Small gift (I’ll keep this under wraps – it’s subject to change, but let’s be real, it WILL be nail-related!)
    • FAQ sheet – listen, and hear the most common questions – people want to know about your team, sales minimums, what training you have, what are monthly website fees – this almost writes itself as you listen to what questions people are asking!

    Depending on what your business is, you may add or take away from that list. You just want to make sure to pick items that bring value to the person considering joining your team.

    Who Should You Give Your Direct Sales Opportunity Packet To?

    I don’t just give out the packet to EVERYONE. My free resources include blog posts and my Pinterest boards. People can read about my approach to things, and see about how to put together a hostess packet or see blog posts that I have written specifically for my team to help them learn and grow. However, I simply cannot afford to send everyone a packet.

    Here’s how I decide who to send a direct sales opportunity packet to:

    • I don’t send a packet unless we’ve had a personal conversation about the business. When a person joins my Color Street team opportunity group on Facebook, I immediately message them. I ask them if I can help them with any questions, starting the conversation.
    • I don’t send a packet if the Facebook user who messages me just created their account. In the world of direct sales, we know that there are those who want everything for free. They hunt down anything and everything that they can get for free. They’ll even create new accounts just for freebies. I need to work with intentionality, and not waste time and resources without it being strategic. Most of the time, I will follow my gut on this one, knowing that there are always exceptions….but this is a red flag to me.

    I hope that this helps you in creating an opportunity packet for your direct sales business! It’s going to help you so much, and I am excited for you to see your team grow. Is there anything you add, or would take away from this list? Tell us in the comments! Additionally, if you’re interested in learning more about the Color Street business, and getting an opportunity packet, request to join my opportunity group HERE.

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  • The Ultimate Color Street Nail Polish Dupe List

    In the world of nail polish, a “dupe” is when totally different brands have the same color. This is GREAT, because many people choose their nail polish based on the brand. It may be name recognition (I mean, who doesn’t recognize OPI or Essie?); it just may be the emotional association with the brand. It may be previous experience using the brand. There’s a lot of psychology behind why a person chooses a specific brand, and that’s a whole different blog post. I’m not hating; I used OPI almost exclusively before I discovered Color Street. For those who are searching for their favorite color, you’re going to want to bookmark this page, because, voila: here is the ultimate Color Street nail polish dupe list.

    How does this post work? I’ve divided colors out by Color Street solid, glitter, design, and glitter design. Under each of those categories are the names of the Color Street sets. Then, I will list any known dupes, along with the brand. The BEST way to use this, if you’re searching for a specific color, is to use the Ctrl + F (or, Command + F, if you’re a Mac user like me) function to search the page for the name. That will take you right to what you’re looking for!

    SOLID Color Street Nail Polish Dupe List

    Most of the dupes will appear in this list, if we’re being realistic. It’s going to be the easiest to find and match dupes for solid colors, because while the rainbow is made of many different shades, these are relatively straightforward to match. I also carry the solids in a bag in my purse when I know I am going somewhere that I could look for more dupes – makes it super easy to find, right?

    You can shop all the Color Street solid colors HERE.

    • Aspen Sky
      • COLOR dupe for OPI You’re Such a Budapest. (YSAB has a shimmer finish vs the creme finish of Aspen Sky.)
    • At the Plaza
    • Baton Rougey
    • Beijing Beauty
      • OPI Dutch Tulips
      • Essie Forever Yummy
      • Sally Hanson Red It Online
    • Charleston Blush
      • OPI Passion
      • Essie Blushing Bride
      • Sally Hanson Tickled Pink
    • Dublin Classic (discontinued)
    • Fire Island Flame
      • OPI A Red-vival City
    • Giza Sands
      • OPI Machu Peach-u
      • Zoya NM Nude Perfector
    • Gold Coast
      • OPI Dazzling Dew Drop
    • It’s a Jersey Shore Thing
    • Jewel of Mumbai
      • NOT a dupe for OPI’s Russian Navy. Russian Navy has more of a purple undertone.
    • London Calling
      • OPI We the Female
      • Essie Bordeaux
      • Sally Hanson Can’t Beet Royalty
    • London Fog
    • Made in Milan
      • OPI Vampsterdam
    • Maine-ly Mums
      • OPI Malibu Pier Pressure
      • OPI Lima Tell You About This Color!
    • Manchester Mauve
      • OPI Tickle My France-y
      • Essie Island Hopping
    • Miami Beach
      • Zoya Mandy (but has slightly more fuschia undertones)
      • Sally Hanson Rosy Glow (also slightly more of a fuschia undertone).
    • Midnight in Manhattan
      • OPI Black Onyx
    • New York Minute
    • Nothing Toulouse
      • OPI Cozu-Melted in the Sun
    • Penny Lane
    • Soliel Ballet
      • Essie Ballet Slipper
    • Steel City
      • Sally Hansen Steel My Heart
    • Upper East Side
      • NOT a dupe for OPI You Don’t Know Jacques – YDNJ has more of a purple undertone
    • Venetian Velvet
      • OPI I’m Not Really a Waitress
    • Windy City
      • Zoya Abby
    • Yemen Lemons

    GLITTER: Color Street Nail Polish Dupe List

    Glitter is legit my favorite color. It’s also making a huge appearance in trends, with glitter phone cases, glitter-dipped nail art (not just from Color Street, if you search glitter dipped nails on Pinterest, you’ll see it’s a HUGE trend!). Glitter makes the world a happier, more sparkling place.

    Shop Color Street glitter nail strips HERE.

    • Blue Lagoon
    • Bordeaux Glitz
    • Capital Hill
    • Concrete Jungle
    • Galway Glimmer
    • Home Sleet Home
    • Ibiza Nights
    • L.A. Dreams
    • Love Scene
    • Mardi Gras
    • Moon River
    • Only in Vegas
    • Rio Red
    • Sahara Jewel
    • Shangri-La
    • Singapore Chic
    • Tinseltown
    • Tokyo Lights
    • Venetian Masquerade

    While we’re on the topic of Glitter nail polish…. is anyone else DYING for a Color Street dupe of China Glaze’s famous Ruby Red Pumps? I mean, I HOPED Rio Red would be the dupe I dreamed of, but it has a slight bit more of a burgundy vamp to it – I’m not hating on that, but I need that bright red glitter.

    GLITTER DESIGNS: Color Street Nail Polish Dupe List

    Glitter designs are tricky to match dupes, because they have a design element to them – I mean, who saw that coming; it’s in the name. This list will be particularly helpful if you want to match colors to patterns.

    Shop Color Street glitter designs HERE.

    • Amazonia
    • Atlantis
    • Arctic Evening
    • Coral Bay
    • French Riviera
    • Honolulu Haze
    • Laurel Gardens
    • New Dimensions
    • Pacific Waters
    • Underground Magic
    • Vegas Vixen
    • Wisteria Lane

    DESIGNS: Color Street Nail Polish Dupe List

    The most helpful part about this list will be the fact that some Color Street patterns are mixed manis, and have a solid colored strip in the mix.

    You can shop all of the Color Street nail art designs HERE.

    • Andalusia
    • Boot Camp
    • Chateau Marble
    • Crystal Cave
    • Delhi Delight
      • OPI Now Museum, Now You Don’t
    • Highlands Houndstooth
    • Interstellar
    • Maple Court
    • Marble City
    • Moulin Rouge
    • Northern Wonder
    • Petal Pusher
    • Saloon Girl
    • Silicon Valley
    • Southwest Dream
    • Style District

    GLITTER-DIPPED: Color Street Nail Polish Dupe List

    This section will be small, because this line up is not a wide variety like the other categories. The goal will be to have dupes of the base colors listed, as well as matching colors for the glitters, when practical.

    Not sure what I mean by “glitter-dipped?” Click HERE to see, and shop all of the Color Street Glitter-dipped designs.

    • Cuban Summer
    • Danube Cool
    • Lisbon Nights
    • Monte Carlo Jackpot
    • Paris Couture (don’t miss out on my blog post about Paris Couture – it was the first glitter-dipped set I tried!)

    Final note: this blog post does not include Color Street french tips, or discontinued sets. As new catalogs come out, and some of these sets get discontinued, well, it may be time to write a new blog post specifically sharing dupes for the discontinued shades. For the moment, though, it’s not practical to gather historical data…we’ll see if that changes in the future.

    If you’ve found any dupes of your own, please add it in the comments; I’ll get those comments and update the post, along with a thank you and mention of your name. Your help is appreciated to make this a robust resource for those who are looking to replace their favorite liquid nail polish color with just the right shade of Color Street. Also, make sure you join my VIP community and say hi, I LOVE getting to know you!

    Make sure that you pin this post, because it will continue to be updated as more dupes are discovered, and new additions are made to the Color Street catalog.


    color street nail polish dupe list