• How to Create a Direct Sales Opportunity Packet

    It’s exciting when someone requests more information about how to join your direct sales company. It’s also scary, because you want to tell them ALL THE THINGS. Some people, like me, get a sample and sign up within 72 hours. Others need some more information to be able to digest and determine if your company […]

  • Erin Condren Life Planner: How I Plan My Busy Life

    It’s no secret that I am busy. My schedule is jam-packed with a direct sales company (and a team of nearly a hundred boss babes), a Tuesday-Friday job, planning and facilitating the birth of a business, and my personal blog. I got tired just writing all of that! Everywhere I go, my Erin Condren Life […]

  • Grammarly: Every Blogger’s Editing Friend

    One of the most intimidating aspects of blogging is the fear of being judged for grammar and spelling. In a world where we claim “don’t read the comments,” it’s scary for a blogger to put their thoughts out there, knowing that they are just one comments section away from being ridiculed and belittled. Some of […]

  • Jojoba Oil: The One Nail and Cuticle Oil You Need

    For any beauty blogger, especially those who work with skin and nails, cuticle oil is always within arm’s reach. Now that I joined Color Street, and am concerned about how to have naturally healthy nails, I have cuticle oil everywhere: in my purse, on my nightstand, at my desk. Cuticle oil everywhere. However, the more […]

  • Finding My Grit: Why I Blog + What to Expect

    If you have followed any of my journey with this blog, then you have seen the evolution. You’ve seen the tagline “never just a dress,” the transition from LuLaRoe to Color Street, and the addition of affiliate marketing and blogging posts. You may, like me, have a little bit of content whiplash, wondering what in […]