• 30 Days of Social Media Post Prompts

    Coming up with a social media plan can be a time consuming part of blogging. This is why finding prompts for your social media channels is super helpful. My favorite form of social media prompts comes in the form of one-word prompts, as they are not restrictive. It’s easy to use them as inspiration for […]

  • Amazon Prime Day Picks for Direct Sellers

    Amazon Prime Day is coming on July 16-17. That should bring joy to every direct seller’s heart. Prime is a life-saver for the busy business owner; delivering pretty much anything needed to their door. I mean, who doesn’t love getting supplies delivered to their front door, so they don’t even have to put on pants […]

  • 5 Plugins Every Blogger Should Install

    Blogging is simple….until suddenly it isn’t. Buying a domain isn’t rocket science. Getting WordPress installed can be a little complicated, but there are resources to get you through. Your theme? It can be installed fairly simply. Let’s assume you’ve made it to this point, and you’re ready to blog, and make millions of dollars. Easy […]

  • 3 Resources Every New Blogger Needs

    Blogging can be intimidating for a beginner, but there are resources to make the process easier for a beginner. The three that I am about to share with you are ones that I use on a daily basis, that are a game-changer in my blogging journey. Here are three of my favorite resources to use […]

  • FabFitFun Box: Is FabFitFun Worth the Cost?

    If you use Facebook or Instagram in any capacity, you’ve probably heard of the FabFitFun box. Celebrities and influencers post “unboxing” videos promoting the boxes, raving about the items contained inside. They give codes to get the first box for only $39.99 (I’ve got a code for you: use code NEW10 for $10 off!) – but is FabFitFun […]

  • 3 Affiliate Programs Every Blogger Should Join

    Blogging is an excellent money-making opportunity. Many bloggers post monthly “income reports” where they report hundreds, even thousands of dollars income simply from blogging. Income like this does not just happen: it is the result of intentional and strategic work over time. It happens when bloggers find their perfect niche, and the perfect affiliate programs […]