• A Love Letter to the LuLaRoe GOOB

    The boxes are finally packed, and the clothing racks are empty. Each piece has been packed and shipped out to a new home, even the “ugly” pieces. Anything not sold has been donated, helping bless someone’s life. The only remnants of a home-based business are the random live sale numbers that have fallen and wedged against the baseboard, and leftover USPS shipping materials. The Facebook notifications that have barraged for months are eerily silent, as a group that has been a constant thought for months has been archived. You’re finally one of the LuLaRoe GOOB. It’s done, and that journey is over.

    It’s quiet, and in that moment, I’d like to bring some truth into your life.

    LuLaRoe GOOB, You’re Not a Failure

    Friend. There’s something about quitting and ending an era of your life that feels like admitting failure. Saying that you’re not up for the challenge. My challenge here is to change that thought process: it’s not failure to change your life. It’s only failure if you do nothing.

    LuLaRoe is an amazing company, and an amazing opportunity, but like even the founders themselves say, it is not for everyone. It’s ok to walk away to push towards dreams that you have. Growing and changing is a part of life, and you’re embracing that. It’s magical and it’s wonderful.

    Let Yourself Grieve, LuLaRoe GOOB

    Every empty hole must be filled. The hole left behind by the sense of community, connections with customers, and everything that LuLaRoe entailed is huge. You’re going to grieve that, and it’s ok. Once all the energy and drive towards the actions of going out of business process has died, you’re going to sit and look at everything.

    On one hand, there’s a giant sense of relief and accomplishment, but on the other hand, there is grief for all that good that your small business did for you. It’s hard to watch one door close, but turn joyfully to see a new door open.

    LuLaRoe Has Empowered You to Chase Your Dreams

    I cry with joy when I see what many former retailers have moved on to do and become. Some have used the LuLaRoe business to pay off debt. To fund adoptions. Build orphanages. Fund a master’s degree to pursue full-time ministry to reach others. Others have moved on to pursue a different business; some even opening their own independent boutiques. I am so proud of my friends who are changing the world, one decision at a time.

    I have watched magical things happen in the lives of so many retailers. Scroll LuLaRoe related hashtags on Instagram, and you see sassy pictures of confident women. Folks say that LuLaRoe is magical, and I believe that. Confidence breeds confidence and so many retailers have learned while helping others, how to help themselves to be better than ever.

    Are you one of the GOOB? Are you looking for a new direct sales opportunity? I’d love to invite you to check out my ColorStreet team, and learn how you can replace that LuLaRoe income. Come check things out in my opportunity group here.

  • Should I Include Gifts in My Packages?

    The mailman has barely dropped your package in the mail box and driven on to the neighbor, and you’re already busting into that mailbox. You just KNOW from stalking your text updates and tracking numbers that you have a package in the mail. Whatever it is; whether it be jewelry, makeup, clothing, or nail products, you’re excited for it. You tear open the package, and now we get to answer the big question: did your seller include a gift in your package?

    Why Would Sellers Include a Gift?

    In the world of direct sales and social selling, it’s way more than simply a business transaction. There are relationships involved; connections, emotions, and feelings. Individuals brand themselves, creating their own graphics, blogs, and print materials to accompany packaging (or go out in the mail afterwards as a thank you). Many direct sellers include a little extra trinket; a key chain, piece of candy, magnets, or other items in their package.

    In Defense of Including Extras in Packages

    I love putting extras in packages. I like the idea of including an extra something in the packaging; a coordinating necklace or a piece of fancy chocolate. That just feels like fun. It feels like an extra ray of sunshine into someone’s life. It feels good.

    Many times, I have received thank you messages for the extra items that I included. “You’ll make me stylist yet,” one customer declared, after I sent her a necklace with her outfit. For some, these extra gifts makes them feel valued and special.

    On NOT Including Extras in Packages

    Let’s take a step into reality. I get home from work. I’m tired. Packages get tossed onto the table; dinner made in a frenzy. Because I am anxious so see how magical these pieces are, I rip open the packages between tasks; toss aside all packaging, and hold the clothing up against my body. All papers included are glanced at and tossed into a bowl; business cards, unicorn keychains, notepads, erasers, and more.

    Then, once the bowl fills up, I sift through it to make sure nothing important was thrown in, and then dump the contents in the trash.

    It hurts me, friends, because I know the budget and pricing and the cost of these things. But at the same time, I have removed all extra keys from my keychain: I don’t need a unicorn on there. I wear the same jewelry almost every day. Most candies and food products get tossed in the trash immediately, unless I personally know the seller well. Anything scented gets thrown out unceremoniously, to avoid triggering any allergies.

    So then what? The debate rages on: to gift, or not to gift. I’ve opted not to give gifts; choosing instead to toss in an extra pair of leggings, or free shipping. Additionally, I’ve opted to include magnets in my packages rather than business cards (see why here). If you DO choose to give gifts, I have a handy-dandy list of fun ideas of items that you can put in your packages.


  • Why I Choose Magnets Rather than Business Cards

    As a direct seller, I put paper material in every package that I ship out. Including my information gives me a chance to have a hand-written note, my contact information for them to be able to reconnect with me to buy more product, and honestly, to remember that I am the one they purchased from.

    However, I have recently decided that instead of sending out my business card, I will be sending out more magnets instead. Here’s why I am choosing magnets rather than business cards.

    People Throw Away Business Cards

    I have a bowl on my dresser that I toss all paper materials into. In a perfect world, I would mark who sent what; purchase date, or additional details. The reality is that I throw cards into the bowl until the bowl is full, and then, sift through it to make sure I didn’t drop a dollar or a gift card in the bowl, and then throw everything away in one fell swoop. All those business cards end up right in the trash, forgotten.

    You know what I have done with the 3 direct sellers who sent magnets with my order? They ended up on my fridge. A magnet serves a secondary purpose. Remember the old Yellow Pages phone books that would get dropped off on our doorsteps back in the day? They always had magnets attached to the front, advertising lawyers and real estate agents. Those magnets lived on our refrigerators for YEARS, and even followed us to new houses and new refrigerators. People rarely throw away something legitimately useful.

    Business Cards Don’t Reach My Target Audience

    If I was to describe my ideal client, she would not necessarily be a business card totin’ woman. She’s like me; with a purse that is a black hole of awesome. She has a messy counter, and piles of paper that need to be sorted (and mostly thrown away or recycled). Business cards are just another piece of paper that will most certainly get lost.

    The key to a growing and sustainable business is reaching my ideal client; my target audience where she is at – and if a business card will be swallowed by the black hole of her purse, I don’t want it to die a slow, bent, folded, dog-earned death. I want to be on her refrigerator, smiling at her as she gets cream for her essential morning cup of coffee.

    Most of Your Competition Uses Business Cards

    How can you be unique in a world of people who are selling the same or similar product? It’s all in how you brand and market yourself. These printed materials can be an essential part of sharing who you are.

    Most of the folks who I purchase from have a basic business card with their name, Facebook page, website, email address, etc. If I am being brutally honest, all of these cards are boring and just another bit of same old, same old. If I’ve seen one; I’ve seen them all.

    Utilizing magnets in your mailing strategy can be a great way to set yourself apart as you are seeking to reach your ideal client, and set yourself apart in a sea of direct sellers.

    Thinking about ordering magnets? I got you. Here’s a link for a $20 voucher from Vista Print, so you can get started on ordering magnets now!

  • Why You Should Never Blindly Add Friends to Your VIP Group

    You’ve signed up for your direct sales business. You’ve paid for your kit, gotten the company pep talk, your sponsor has talked you through what you need to do to get started and achieve your goals, you love the product and OMG THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR NEW HUSTLE. I mean, you’re going to build an empire, right? So the next step is to create your Facebook VIP group, and you should add all your friends, obviously. Wrong! We’re here today to talk about why you should never just add friends to your VIP group.

    Blind Adds Are Rude

    I know. It’s blunt, but it’s the truth. The first thing that I do when blindly added to a VIP group is leave. I don’t look around; I don’t pass go, I don’t collect $200.

    Now I know, some of you may be clutching your hearts and wondering WHY HOLLY. Yes, I know it seems disrespectful and rude. However, I would find it equally rude if I was walking by someone’s house and they grabbed me, pulled me inside, and began trying to sell me something. Honestly, I’d probably call the police.

    Let’s take it from another approach: have you ever seen the Dead Sea scrub people at the mall kiosks? They just call you to look at what they have, and smear product all over your hands before you can get away and you’re trapped in their net as they rub stuff all over your hands. Their product may be the most amazing product in the world, but I will not stick around to buy it.

    Blind Adds Don’t Show Value to Relationships

    I get it. Your product changed your life. It’s amazing. That’s why you signed up, so of COURSE you want to tell everyone that you know about this amazing new hustle. It only makes sense.

    However, you will reach me best when you show me that you care. If you simply try to sell me a product, it tells me that you want to make money. If you show me that the product brings me great value, I am going to listen to what you have to say. Let me give you two different messages with these approaches. We’re going to use nail products as the example.

    “Holly, I just started selling ColorStreet, and I am building an EMPIRE! I want you to join my team!”

    Let’s take a look at the other:

    “Holly, I know that you said you really love having your nails painted. You are SO busy, with work, and your direct sales business – can I introduce you to ColorStreet? You can get a perfect, long lasting manicure in 5 minutes! Can I send you a sample to try out?”

    Friends, that second example SPEAKS to me, because it changed the focus. At the end of the day, I don’t necessarily care about YOUR empire. I care about what impacts me. Show me value, and you never know, I just may become a major part of your empire.

    Blind Adds Bring Dead Weight

    Some people are just too nice (they are the people who thought I was super rude about immediately leaving groups). They may take a look at your group, but stay in there. They just might turn off their notifications, or they may unfollow your group, but politely stay in.

    Well friends, that is not helpful. Those oh-so-tricky Facebook algorithms are made to show people interest community-oriented content. You post in a VIP group with a bunch of people who don’t ever interact, and you’re not going to be seen. In the long run, this hurts YOU and your business. That personal connection with people is key to direct sales: the beauty of direct sales businesses are that personal connection; you profiting from the connections of people in product. Blindly adding folks to your VIP group sets a precedent for an impersonal connection.

    Want to learn more about how you can help build an excellent business through relationship marketing? Here’s a blog post with lots of tools to help level up YOUR business. Oh, and if you need amazing nails that last, I have the hookup for you. No empire necessary. 🙂

  • Refresh: My 2018 Word of the Year

    Choosing a word of the year has become relatively common, with people choosing a moniker and a theme and living it throughout the year. The word is essentially a filter for all decisions; it helps guide the tone and feel for the year. This year, my word is refresh.

    What Does ‘Refresh’ Mean to Me?

    First off, don’t bother to pick up the dictionary to get that definition. I’m digging into the web world for this one. You know when you refresh a page to get the most updated information? That’s what I mean by ‘refresh.’ It’s the new and improved version. It’s 2.0. It’s bigger and it’s better.

    2017 was filled with Big Magic and building a foundation. I have a blog that has accumulated more than 21,000 views. I have two direct sales businesses; both with thriving teams. Private coaching has led to a more healthy mindset than ever before. All I need to do in 2018 is tweak some things, hit the “refresh” button, and sit back and see the magic. That is why I chose ‘refresh’ to be my word of 2018. But how does this play out?

    How Refresh Affects My Personal Life

    One of the things that I realized when looking back over the past year was that I did not take enough time away from my business to spend time with my family. I get home from work, go downstairs, and begin working, and worked for hours. Working is great, but my business must serve my “why.” If it does not give me time to spend with my family, it’s time to evaluate my expectations with my business and how it impacts our relationships.

    Refresh means that I need to redefine how this looks and make my business work for me. Refreshing means that I spend time with my husband; pushing our relationship to be better and better. It also means that I take time for me; exercise and diet will also be focus points.

    How Refresh Affects My Business

    Taking time to refresh my business means that I approach it differently. I need to take time to step back, redefine strategies, and tackle it anew. What I have done is not sustainable (see my post about working full time and selling LuLaRoe) in the past, and I need to reevaluate my personal strategies. Choosing to take at least a night off per week has helped.

    The biggest thing that is necessary is that I run my business; not that it runs me. I am the keeper of my boundaries; and I am the one who defines how I will be working. I choose in 2018 to work smarter and more strategically, not harder and harder every day. Scheduling will be my new best friend.

    What is your word of the year for 2018? How does it impact your business? Need inspiration on choosing a word? Check out my post about new year’s resolutions to make for your direct sales company.

  • Five Books that Influenced My Direct Sales Business

    One of the best things that you can do is engage in personal development. There are approximately a bajillion books out there to target mindset and know-how. Here’s my top five list of books that impacted me in 2017.

    Book: You Are a Badass

    Jen Sincero states things how they are, in her book, You Are a Badass. Her frank, straight-forward manner tells you to relax; embrace your inner badass that is dying to get out. While there are times when you think how in the world did she luck into all this?, the reality is that Jen Sincero is the epitome of a badass.

    Book: Leaders Eat Last

    What does it mean to be a leader? Simon Sinek’s treatise on being a leader is probably the ultimate book in what it means to be a leader. Most of the case studies are about military leaders and how they have led tight-knit groups that would follow their leaders through anything. Servant leadership is the heart of this book, and if you lead any kind of team, this will inspire you for years to come.

    Book: Big Magic

    Sometimes the universe speaks, and you just have to be ready to hear it. That’s big magic, baby. In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert weaves a tale of a life ready to accept the magic that is all around us; ready and waiting to change the world. It sounds a little mumbo-jumbo until the moment you relax and let big magic happen to you. Simply be ready and willing to follow magic as it happens and you will change your life.

    Book: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

    If you haven’t read anything by Gary Vee, just stop. Click here. Buy the book. Now. I’ll be here when you come back. Gary Vee GETS the world of social marketing, and lays it out. You’ve got to work that jab, jab, jab and catch people with the right hook if you want to win.

    Book: The Social Organism

    There is something absolutely hypnotizing about Oliver Luckett. I’ll confess, I had never heard of him before he came to work for LuLaRoe. Then I picked up The Social Organism, and it kinda blew my mind. His intellect is truly dizzying, as he helps lay the foundation for understanding how social networks work.

    Don’t have a lot of time to read? Neither do I. I went through these using Audible while commuting to my part time job. Investing those hours spent in the car – as well as time working on my business – gave me magical time to listen to the masters speak. As a bonus, many of these books were voiced by the authors. Click here to join Audible, and get monthly credits to redeem for books.