• How to Create the Perfect Hostess Packet

    I’ve had a few folks ask about my ColorStreet hostess packet, so we’re just gonna whip up a nice blog post about it. It’s important to spoil your hostesses up front so that they are going to do the extra work in their parties in order to get better rewards. Here’s a breakdown of what I […]

  • 3 Simple Ways to Turn Samples Into Sales

    If you’re part of a direct sales company that allows you to send samples, that’s a great thing! That means that you get to work with your clientele on a “try before you buy” basis so that they can see your product without risk; without paying for the whole thing. Most of the time, the […]

  • A Love Letter to the LuLaRoe GOOB

    The boxes are finally packed, and the clothing racks are empty. Each piece has been packed and shipped out to a new home, even the “ugly” pieces. Anything not sold has been donated, helping bless someone’s life. The only remnants of a home-based business are the random live sale numbers that have fallen and wedged […]

  • Should I Include Gifts in My Packages?

    The mailman has barely dropped your package in the mail box and driven on to the neighbor, and you’re already busting into that mailbox. You just KNOW from stalking your text updates and tracking numbers that you have a package in the mail. Whatever it is; whether it be jewelry, makeup, clothing, or nail products, […]

  • Why I Choose Magnets Rather than Business Cards

    As a direct seller, I put paper material in every package that I ship out. Including my information gives me a chance to have a hand-written note, my contact information for them to be able to reconnect with me to buy more product, and honestly, to remember that I am the one they purchased from. […]

  • Why You Should Never Blindly Add Friends to Your VIP Group

    You’ve signed up for your direct sales business. You’ve paid for your kit, gotten the company pep talk, your sponsor has talked you through what you need to do to get started and achieve your goals, you love the product and OMG THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR NEW HUSTLE. I mean, you’re going […]