• Refresh: My 2018 Word of the Year

    Choosing a word of the year has become relatively common, with people choosing a moniker and a theme and living it throughout the year. The word is essentially a filter for all decisions; it helps guide the tone and feel for the year. This year, my word is refresh. What Does ‘Refresh’ Mean to Me? […]

  • Five Books that Influenced My Direct Sales Business

    One of the best things that you can do is engage in personal development. There are approximately a bajillion books out there to target mindset and know-how. Here’s my top five list of books that impacted me in 2017. Book: You Are a Badass Jen Sincero states things how they are, in her book, You […]

  • Why Self-Care is Important for Direct Sellers

    I legitimately feel like writing the title of this blog post is silly, like, it’s something that everyone should already know this. Duh, Holly, you think. Self care is important for everyone. I could not agree more with you, but as this blog is direct-sales centric, I’m going to focus on this topic. So let’s […]

  • Five New Year’s Resolutions for Your Direct Sales Biz

    ‘Tis the season for new year’s resolutions. Folks are busy making resolutions for their personal lives, their relationships, and more. However, it’s a great time to take a good look at your direct sales business, where you’ve been, and what resolutions you can make for the new year to be better than ever. Resolve to […]

  • The Ultimate List of New Years Engagement Questions

    It’s almost the new year, so it’s time to start thinking about how to interact with your group. Engagement questions that move beyond a “yes or no” question give group members the opportunity to interact with you in a meaningful way, interact with each other, and build a sense of community. Here’s a great list […]