• How to Choose a Direct Sales Sponsor

    I know that I sell ColorStreet and LuLaRoe (listed in alpha order, not in order of importance or favoritism). However, the truths behind choosing a direct sales sponsor are relatively universal. Here’s my top 3 questions I ask myself when considering who should be my sponsor. Do I Like How my Potential Sponsor Runs Their Business? […]

  • Is Direct Sales Right for Me?

    I’ve seen this question a million times: is direct sales right for me? Should I invest in a home-based sales business? So many direct sales companies offer incredibly priced kits with a variety of products to serve a new business owner. Here are five questions I recommend asking yourself before you take the plunge and […]

  • Five Ways to Support Your Friend in Direct Sales

    We all have a friend in direct sales. They peddle pretty much anything from nail polish to leggings, supplements to makeup, or essential oils and wine. You can buy everything that you need from someone who has decided to be her own boss through the magic of direct sales. Sometimes, however, budgets are tight, and […]

  • How to Remove Pilling from LuLaRoe Clothing

    The softer the clothing, the more likely is it to experience pilling. This is a one thing that many people have experienced happening in their closet, including their LuLaRoe, because many of the fabrications are incredibly soft, and therefore, prone to pilling. Purses – especially anything canvas – will rub against clothing and cause excessive […]

  • Why I Switched to ZenSales for Shipping

    Shipping is arguably one of the most time-consuming tasks that an inventory-based seller does. Granted, a lot of what we do takes a lot of time, from unpacking boxes, creating outfits, maintaining accurate inventory, however, the packing and shipping is one of the necessary tasks that I find most tedious. In a different timeline, where I […]

  • How To Avoid Direct Sales Burnout

    Burnout. It’s on every direct seller’s mind in one way or another. It’s a monster we all face, knowing that we’ve got to work smarter, not harder. Those of us who work in direct sales and eat, breath, sleep, and LIVE our work find ourselves spinning our wheels as we work for perfection, chasing that […]