• How to Remove a LuLaRoe Carly Pocket

    In my VIP shopping group, there is one villain that out-villains them all. It is the most dastardly villain to walk the face of the earth. Some folks find this villain kind of sexy and adventurous, but others view this villain as the scum of the scum of the earth.

    That villain, my friends, is the Carly pocket.

    In case you aren’t familiar with the LuLaRoe Carly dress, it’s a magical dress. The style is called a “swing dress” – it features a high-low hemline, and the cut slowly and magically flares out, making it an amazingly flattering dress. It’s on of my top-selling dresses, and with good reason. Folks feel GOOD in Carly. Plus, that high-low hemline makes it easy to show off epic leggings, and who doesn’t love that?

    Some Carly dresses come with a pocket on the left front of the dress. It’s fairly innocuous, BUT there are some folks who just don’t prefer it (and that’s ok!).

    One of my amazing customers shared this tip with me, and I’m sharing with YOU. However, I do need to make this disclaimer: modifying your LuLaRoe purchase makes you ineligible for the LuLaRoe happiness policy. If the dress is damaged in the process, just be aware of that fact.

    Ok. Disclaimer done. Let’s get to the good stuff.

    How to remove a LuLaRoe Carly Pocket

    Here’s what you need:

    • LuLaRoe Carly Dress
    • Seam Ripper
    • 2 Towels
    • Iron
    1. Carefully remove the pocket with the seam ripper. Slow and steady wins this race.

    Tip: work from the underside of the fabric, so that if you catch any random threads in the process, it is hidden.

    If you don’t own a seam ripper, you can buy them cheap on Amazon.

    After you remove the pocket, there MAY be holes in the fabric from where the pocket was. Sometimes, you can ease the threads of the fabric by scratching it with your fingernail so that the threads naturally move to fill in the holes from the stitches. However, sometimes, they need a little extra help. Here’s where the iron comes in.

    2. Lay the towel down on the ironing board. Lay the Carly down on top. It is best to work with only one layer of fabric.

    3. Wet the Carly dress with water. Sprinkle it on liberally. Make it rain!

    4. Set the other towel down on top of the Carly.

    5. Iron on a hot setting. This will help warm the fabric, and just kind of relax the weave a little bit.

    6. Gently stretch the fabric with your hands in all directions to help ease the holes out. Stretching the fabric and pulling helps the thread shift ever-so-slightly to fill in the gaps.

    Put on your pocketless Carly and feel FABULOUS!

    Need a fabulous Carly in your life? Join my VIP shopping group here. Have you ever removed a pocket from a Carly and lived to tell the tale? Share your success story in the comments!