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  • How to Create a Direct Sales Opportunity Packet

    It’s exciting when someone requests more information about how to join your direct sales company. It’s also scary, because you want to tell them ALL THE THINGS. Some people, like me, get a sample and sign up within 72 hours. Others need some more information to be able to digest and determine if your company is right for them. That’s why preparing a direct sales opportunity packet is a great way to help your direct sales team grow.

    Why Create a Direct Sales Opportunity Packet?

    Information overload can do two things: excite one potential recruit, and scare away another. That’s why it’s important to find a good balance of information to share so that people have the way to access information needed for them to know if the business is a good fit for them.

    Creating an opportunity packet can help you in many ways:

    • It helps you be READY when someone comes to you asking about the business! You’re never caught without an answer; you can say “funny you ask, I have just the thing for you!”
    • It helps you to not flood potential recruits with disjointed information – you should have heard me stumble in the beginning – “OMG Color Street is so amazing, I mean, the product is affordable and then OMG the comp plan and you should totally join cause it’s the BEST COMPANY EVER.” While all of that is true, and my feelings of WOW over this company have not subsided, many recruits want the facts and the basics!
    • Creating resources like this helps you save time – batch processing is a HUGE time saver for me, and it helps me to be able to focus on all the tasks that I balance as a leader in my company and for my team

    What Should Go In Your Direct Sales Opportunity Packet?

    Here’s a list of all the things I include in my opportunity packet:

    • Personalized note saying how happy I am to work with them and help them
    • Current catalog
    • Old version of catalog, so that they can see the history of the company (plus, it’s a great way to use up old catalogs without guilt!)
    • Copy of the compensation plan
    • Hostess benefits sheet
    • 10 samples to help them “jump start” their business – that way they don’t have to wait for the kit to make magic happen!
    • Product sample – I want them to see how I share the product with others, so they don’t have to “reinvent the wheel”
    • Depending on the person (and the product), I MAY include a full size piece of product – I just follow my gut on this one
    • Small gift (I’ll keep this under wraps – it’s subject to change, but let’s be real, it WILL be nail-related!)
    • FAQ sheet – listen, and hear the most common questions – people want to know about your team, sales minimums, what training you have, what are monthly website fees – this almost writes itself as you listen to what questions people are asking!

    Depending on what your business is, you may add or take away from that list. You just want to make sure to pick items that bring value to the person considering joining your team.

    Who Should You Give Your Direct Sales Opportunity Packet To?

    I don’t just give out the packet to EVERYONE. My free resources include blog posts and my Pinterest boards. People can read about my approach to things, and see about how to put together a hostess packet or see blog posts that I have written specifically for my team to help them learn and grow. However, I simply cannot afford to send everyone a packet.

    Here’s how I decide who to send a direct sales opportunity packet to:

    • I don’t send a packet unless we’ve had a personal conversation about the business. When a person joins my Color Street team opportunity group on Facebook, I immediately message them. I ask them if I can help them with any questions, starting the conversation.
    • I don’t send a packet if the Facebook user who messages me just created their account. In the world of direct sales, we know that there are those who want everything for free. They hunt down anything and everything that they can get for free. They’ll even create new accounts just for freebies. I need to work with intentionality, and not waste time and resources without it being strategic. Most of the time, I will follow my gut on this one, knowing that there are always exceptions….but this is a red flag to me.

    I hope that this helps you in creating an opportunity packet for your direct sales business! It’s going to help you so much, and I am excited for you to see your team grow. Is there anything you add, or would take away from this list? Tell us in the comments! Additionally, if you’re interested in learning more about the Color Street business, and getting an opportunity packet, request to join my opportunity group HERE.

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  • Amazon Prime Day Picks for Direct Sellers

    Amazon Prime Day is coming on July 16-17. That should bring joy to every direct seller’s heart. Prime is a life-saver for the busy business owner; delivering pretty much anything needed to their door. I mean, who doesn’t love getting supplies delivered to their front door, so they don’t even have to put on pants to get the ring lights, shipping supplies, customer gifts, and anything that is needed. I mean, why wouldn’t that be wonderful? Here’s a list of 3 Amazon Prime Day picks for direct sellers.

    Prime Day Pick: Amazon Echo Dot

    Once you get a little piece of Echo technology in your house, you never go back. This little handy dandy device has been one of my favorite Amazon purchases. Why get an Echo dot? Here’s just a few of the basic capabilities:

    • Play music while you work
    • Listen to Audible books while you work (this is my favorite usage – I am able to use my time effectively).
    • Use Echo devices to create an intercom in the house

    Also, the joy of the Echo device is that it typically goes on sale for Prime day – historically, a deal has offered two for a discounted rate, or a discount off one device. This was the number 1 seller worldwide last year for Prime Day.

    Don’t forget to check out the Amazon Echo Show, where you can have a screen too! It’s currently on sale for nearly 50% off leading up to Prime Day.

    Prime Day Pick: Instant Pot

    An instant pot will always be on the prime day picks, and there’s no disputing it. The instant pot has always been one of the top sellers on Prime Day, and was the number 1 item in Canada last year.

    Here’s why you need it.

    Picture yourself. It’s been a busy day, planning parties, making graphics, connecting with your team, and hustling hard. Suddenly, like magic, it’s dinner time. AGAIN. How does that happen every day? Throw your ingredients in the instant pot, turn it on, and VOILA! You have an amazing, home-cooked meal ready in minutes rather than the hours that a traditional crock pot would take.

    Typically, the Instant Pot is one of the best deals on Prime Day, and can be scored for nearly 50% off the normal retail price. Fun fact: rather than waiting for my instant pot to be purchased from my registry for my August wedding, I purchased mine on Prime Day in July 2015, and she’s still going strong!

    This pack of Instant Pot accessories will get you everything you need to rock the Instant Pot!

    Prime Day Pick: Audible Membership or Kindle Unlimited Membership

    One of the top questions that I hear from direct sellers is a request for book recommendations. Many trending books in the business world are on the top seller list, which can get expensive. When I priced books for myself, they were typically $12-25 each. That adds up quickly, and led to me finding Audible.

    With Audible, I receive a “credit” monthly, which I can redeem for any book I choose. Audible has literally thousands of titles to choose from. I’ll be honest – I strategize for my books. In fact, every other month or so, Audible offers a “2 for 1 credit” sale, and I get books from my list then. My monthly Audible credit is GOLD and allows me to plow through books about strategy and mindset that my budget minded self would never otherwise get the chance to read.

    Even better is that Amazon is offering 66% off a three month membership: click here to get started!

    If you want to try Kindle Unlimited, Amazon is offering a 3 month membership for 99 cents. If listening to audio books isn’t your jam, that’s ok! The handy dandy Kindle reading app lets you take your books with you where ever you go.

    Need some ideas to start your list? Here’s five books that influenced my business.

    If you’re one of the holdouts who doesn’t have a Prime account, click here to fix that and get a free 30 day trial. It’s going to change your life! So tell me….what is on your list for Prime Day?

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    Prime Day Picks for Direct Sellers

  • Should I Quit My Job to Pursue Direct Sales?

    I cannot tell you if you should quit your job to pursue direct sales (you were hoping I would give you the answer, weren’t you? SIKE). There will be those who tell you to simply “jump and your wings will grow.” I think that’s rather irresponsible – you are, after all, replacing a full-time or part-time job with a business – you have to make smart business decisions.  Next time you ask yourself “should I quit my job to pursue direct sales,” here are a few questions to sit down and ask yourself.

    Does My Job Fulfill Me?

    People are shocked when I tell them that I have not quit my job. In a nutshell, I edit government documents – environmental impact studies and such. They’re all public documents; I have no access to government secrets. It’s no secret that I LOVE what I do. I’m a military brat (go NAVY!) and my job lets me be part of something that has been a threadline through my life. Is it silly? Perhaps. It makes me feel special and I love it. Plus, it uses my skills that I have acquired over years of workplace experience.

    Not everyone has that privilege, and I KNOW this. My day job fulfills this unique piece of who I am and always will be, and I’m thankful for that. Some people actually do love their careers and want to continue doing what they are doing….and friend, that is OKAY.

    How Will Your Bills Be Paid?

    Bills don’t pay themselves. Before making any major decisions, sit down, and calculate out what you need to survive.

    But in addition to the day to day bills that you pay monthly (or are auto-deducted from your bank account), there are quite a few items that are often part of workplace benefits. They may not be covered in whole from your job: in fact, many of the costs for these are shared with my company, and my share is auto-deducted from my paycheck so I don’t feel the weight of the cost of that benefit.

    Here’s a list of bills you might not have thought of:

    • Health Insurance
    • HSA/FSA Accounts
    • Life Insurance
    • 401k
    • IRA
    • Dental insurance
    • Vision insurance

    I’m not a naysayer in the slightest – in fact, SO MANY PEOPLE have quit their consistently paying day jobs. However, those expenses are often hidden but are a factor in making this huge of a decision.

    Will I Be Able to Get By on Tough Sales Months?

    Most of the time, direct sales folks consider the implications of quitting their job during the best of the best of months, when sales are high, the team is on fire, and the world is their oyster. However, what about during the lean and mean months? Those months when you just hang in there, tighten your belt, and say “if I can just make it until (insert event, special, shopping holiday, etc)”?

    There is no motivation like “do or die,” but you can be smart about it. If your sales income is not enough to pay the electric bill when your time is on a budget because of time spent in your day job, then make plans to posture yourself. My local business coach and accountant told me to ask myself, “if the time spent doing xxx brings in just a few dollars, but my time spent doing sales brings me exponentially more, it’s time to cast off those smaller tasks!” Growth in direct sales can be the trigger that makes you realize “I have better earning potential with my direct sales company than I do with my day job.”

    Do I Have a Plan B?

    Or, the sub-question to this point is, will I be bitter if I fail? Remember that results are not guaranteed in sales. It all depends on a myriad of factors, including your promotion of the product, the economy, and even the overall health of the direct sales company (some direct sales companies have gone under without warning; others have built up to it). Quitting a steady job with a paycheck is something that should be researched and not taken lightly.

    Have you ever watched a trapeze artist? They soar through the air, performing amazing feats without hesitation. However, if you look below them, there is a safety net. A safety net is not a sign of failure: in fact, it’s the opposite! They can more easily let go of the trapeze and somersault through the air, knowing that if their partner doesn’t catch them or misses, they’re not dead. The net will catch them.

    That’s how a plan B works. It’s not posturing for failure. It’s saying “I believe in myself and my ability to follow my dreams, and I believe that so fervently that I will posture myself to be as successful as I possibly can be.”

    These are the questions that I consider when thinking about if I should quit my secure day job – what are factors that you keep in mind when thinking about this decision? Tell us in the comments, and come see how part-time direct sales works in my VIP community!

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  • 5 Questions to Ask Before Changing Direct Sales Companies

    One of the most interesting parts about being active in the direct sales world is that there are opportunities everywhere. Each time you turn around, you’ll see folks offering a ground floor opportunity with yet another company. Greener grass abounds. We all know that But what if it’s not just imaginary greener grass? What if it IS time to visit another opportunity? Here are 5 questions that every direct seller should ask themselves before changing direct sales companies.

    Am I Just Burnt Out?

    Burnout is a very real thing in direct sales. Consultants have to be involved in so many aspects of their direct sales company – keeping up with new products, managing community, promoting new products, and in some cases, packing and shipping product. Direct sales can be a juggling act (but with flaming chainsaws, let’s be real), and one that gets exhausting.

    Before quitting, take a good hard look, and ask, “am I just burnt out?” If you are, then find a way to rest and recharge. It will help.

    Am I Experiencing Shiny Object Syndrome?

    Ground floor! Brand new! Be a MILLIONAIRE! These are the trademarks of a new direct sales company – the companies rely on their reps to help get the word out about the company as a brand ambassador if you will.

    Let’s be real, every direct sales company has bad days when you think “OMG THIS IS DRIVING ME INSANE” and you look longingly at another company. Well, friend, let me tell you, that company’s feet stink too. They surely have an underbelly of issues exactly the same as the ones you’re dealing with, and if they don’t have those issues….well, let’s just use the word YET.

    You may be shocked to hear this, but there is no such thing as a perfect company: there are flawed companies that you believe in and choose to represent. If you’re searching for perfection, you’re going to be disappointed.

    Why Am I Leaving My Current Direct Sales Company?

    I spent six months struggling over whether or not to leave LuLaRoe before I finally pulled the plug on my business. I still do love the business and think that there is great opportunity, however, I knew that I could no longer keep up with the time and business commitment needed to be successful. Being okay with that was something that I had to learn.

    I wasn’t leaving because I had a bad day; I wasn’t leaving because I had a bad month. I wasn’t leaving for any reason other than that I simply could not do what needed to be done to achieve the compensation to make it worth it for me. Most of my time spent on the business was in maintenance tasks, rather than the tasks that would help me to grow my customer base.

    That’s why I opted for a business that directly shipped to customers – I could spend more time promoting the business and connecting with team and customers.

    What Do You Want to Accomplish?

    In the direct sales industry, many sellers have their “why” – the driving factor behind everything that they do. It varies from spending time with family, finding confidence (for themselves and others), having spending money,  or perhaps even having an excuse for a “girls night out.”

    Before making any changes, it’s important to ask: “is this serving my purpose?” Does the company accomplish that you’re looking to achieve? If it does not, then the entire reason you join a direct sales company has been completely negated. A careful review of what the company has to offer you and your specific dreams is important to make the decision of staying or leaving.

    What Feeds Your Soul?

    We’re about to get deep here. You don’t want to spend your time doing something that you don’t love doing. In fact, direct sales is presented as an alternative to the average American 9-5 job – this is to help those who don’t WANT to go to an office for work every day. The income from direct sales is often touted as an alternative to the traditional job. However, if a direct sales company starts to suck at your soul, then it might be time for some change. While it’s not a decision you should make quickly and lightly, there’s truly something to that “gut feeling” when you just know that it’s time for a change.

    Are you considering a change? I’d love to introduce you to my new business – ColorStreet! You can join my VIP community under the “community” tab up top, OR you can join my opportunity group to learn more about the business aspect of it and why I made the switch. I’d love to answer any questions you might have.

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  • How to Create the Perfect Hostess Packet

    I’ve had a few folks ask about my ColorStreet hostess packet, so we’re just gonna whip up a nice blog post about it. It’s important to spoil your hostesses up front so that they are going to do the extra work in their parties in order to get better rewards. Here’s a breakdown of what I put into the perfect hostess packet.

    The Perfect Hostess Packet Breaks Down Party Rewards

    In every hostess packet, I include a print out of the host rewards that a hostess can earn at the party. I make sure to mark on that sheet: my host needs to know the potential of what they can earn! This includes all potential booking specials from the party.

    Don’t be afraid to have a goal for the party. Make sure to circle the “goal” for the party, and say “let’s shoot for these rewards!” This helps the hostess have a goal to work towards, and you help build confidence by saying that you believe that she can achieve these levels.

    The Perfect Hostess Packet Includes a Booking Gift

    One of the unique things about ColorStreet is that it puts it upon the stylist to give the first gift with a nail bar. My preference is to give a hostess a full set of nails, preferably a special set (if it’s around a holiday, a holiday set, or a summery or spring looking set).

    With the set, I include a note that says “just because I believe that you can hit the $150 in sales to get the free gift, I’m going to start you out with this!” That shows the host that I believe in them and their party (do you see a trend of instilling confidence?). Additionally, I want the host to have a full set of strips so that they can apply LIVE during their party to show folks how easy it can be! The way to make sure that they do it? Send them a set. Easy peasy.

    The Perfect Hostess Packet Includes a Catalogue and Helps With a WishList

    It’s the digital age; I know. Everything that you need to know about everything is already on the internet. Let’s be real though, there’s something magical about a catalogue so that you can mark all your wants and desires. However, don’t just send a catalogue – mark a few of your favorite designs for your host, AND include a set of sticky notes so that she can mark her favorites too. You may direct her to a few things she never thought of before.

    The Perfect Hostess Packet Includes a Little Extra Somethin-Somethin

    A Starbucks gift card rounds out my hostess packet. I put it In the packet just as a little extra something so that she can have an extra little something to enjoy as she makes her wish list. Here’s the thing: at a party, a host should feel special and appreciated. Why NOT send a gift card to a popular coffee shop? This also helps create a set-aside experience to make the wish list.

    Excited about creating a host packet? Here’s a list of recommended items from Amazon that you can use to create the perfect hostess packet! While we’re at it, you should check on my blog post on 3 Simple Ways to Turn Samples into Sales here. Interested in joining my ColorStreet team? I’d love to invite you to join my opportunity group on Facebook where you can ask questions.

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  • 3 Simple Ways to Turn Samples Into Sales

    If you’re part of a direct sales company that allows you to send samples, that’s a great thing! That means that you get to work with your clientele on a “try before you buy” basis so that they can see your product without risk; without paying for the whole thing. Most of the time, the ability to give samples leads to loyal customers later. However, samples require a great followup strategy in order for them to be effective – so here’s my answer to the question, “I’ve sent samples, now what should I do?”

    Follow Up on Samples in Two Days

    Let’s say that you’ve sent samples in the mail. You’ve collected their information (make sure you get a way to contact them; an email address or a connection on Facebook). Send them a message two days after you send the sample. Here’s a quick run-down of what that message should say:

    “Hey [friend], just wanted to let you know that your samples hit the mail two days ago and you should be getting them anytime now! I just wanted to make sure that you have instructions on how to use them – here’s a few links to get you started! I value your opinion, so I’m super excited to hear what you think of them!”

    Here’s what you did in that message:

    • Told them to be watching their mailbox, which builds excitement
    • Gave them needed information to be able to use the samples
    • Told them that their opinion of the product is important to you

    This message doesn’t necessarily require much of a response, so if you just get a thumbs up on Facebook, don’t be offended. You didn’t ask a question that necessitated a response, so you’re golden.

    Follow Up on Samples in Two Weeks

    Assuming you haven’t gotten an OMG WOW THIS PRODUCT IS THE BEST message from your person, you need to follow up. Two weeks from the time you dropped that sample in the mail, you should be sending another message. Here’s what you should say:

    “Friend, I am SO EXCITED to hear what you thought of the sample I sent you! Have you used it yet? I cannot wait to hear your opinion!”

    Here’s what you did in that message:

    • Reminded them that their opinion was important to you
    • Reminded them that you HAD sent them something
    • Asked them if they had USED the item you sent (an unused sample does no one any good)

    This gives you the chance to see if they’ve actually used the sample that you sent, and if they are ready to buy the real product – this is a great time to ask them if they’ve had a chance to look at your website, and what is their favorite. Keep the conversation going!

    Follow Up on Samples in Two Months

    This is my favorite part of the follow up process, has the potential to be the most fruitful, and is one of the most easily forgotten. Two months after the samples? Well, hopefully, the sample netted sales, but this is the perfect time to follow up and ask about hosting a party. Of course, don’t message that person if they provided negative feedback and hate your product – you’ll just annoy them, and end up frustrated.

    “Friend, I just wanted to see if you’ve given any thought to that sample I sent you – I LOVED that one for you! I know it’s been a while, but I was thinking that if you liked it, we should see about getting you some more for FREE! I love doing Facebook parties with my peeps – do Sundays, or Thursdays work better for you?”

    Here’s what I did:

    • Reminds them I haven’t forgotten them
    • Their sample was picked especially for them
    • Tells them that they can get MORE for FREE
    • Does not give a “yes or no” question

    This two month followup can often be JUST long enough, if they made a purchase, to catch them right at the time when they are ready to buy more, and your thinking of them at just the right time can net a party – and potentially even a future teammate. Want to learn more about follow-up? Take this course from the Sassy Suite.

    This magical two-two-two month follow-up will help you find and connect with excellent customers, and help build your team. I apply this to my ColorStreet business – would you like to learn more? I’d like to help coach and mentor you into an excellent and fulfilling business. Join my team’s opportunity group here to find out more. Here’s a post about how to choose a direct sales sponsor – I think you’d really like picking me!

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