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or, the story of why I am going out of business.

Yep, friends, you read that right. I, Holly Peck, am going out of business with LuLaRoe. That’s a pretty tough pill to swallow, and one that I struggled with big time.

Go ahead and pour yourself a cup of tea, and pull up a chair, and let’s chat, ok?

The LuLaRoe Business Model Works

I’ve never been one to “drink the koolaid” with a company, and think they are all that and a bag of chips. Let’s be realistic, companies are run by humans, and as we all know, humans can suck sometimes. I’m fully aware that LuLaRoe, like any other company, isn’t perfect.

Friends, LuLaRoe worked for me for so long. I could throw an album up; sell a hundred items in a weekend, ship like a madwoman, and move forward to the next weekend. It was amazing, and it fit with my schedule. I thoroughly enjoy my vocational training, and wanted to be able to continue that. The simple concept of purchasing items at wholesale and selling at retail works, and I will never argue with that fact. I watch sellers all over the country who are able to work this business and find some degree of success, whether it be to pay one or two bills, or replace a full-time income. Blows my mind, and is so exciting to watch and cheer on.

LuLaRoe Still Makes Dreams Come True

I see countless retailers around me who are hustling and selling clothing and making their dreams come true. They are paying off debt, finding themselves, and helping their customers see themselves as beautiful and special. It’s truly is never just a dress, ya’ll. I am in multiple group chats with amazing retailers who make me laugh, make me cry, and have become some of my favorite people in the world.

I have mad respect for those people, and will always be a cheerleader for them. These folks have tenacity and determination, and the business truly is “blessing lives and strengthening families.” The business isn’t for everyone, but it really does work, and I have seen it work.

The Real Reason I am Quitting LuLaRoe

*sigh* I knew you’d see that header and think “oh yeah, now we’re getting to the good stuff.” Well, that’s simply not true. The simple truth is, LuLaRoe, as a business model, no longer fits into my life time-wise. I still love the clothing, and have a closet full of it and will continue to wear it. However, going to work for the day, then coming home and going live, or making outfits and posting, and then packing and shipping, making my graphics, posting in my Facebook group, messaging people, answering questions, providing excellent customer service, and all of that no longer fit me and my dreams. I no longer had time to explore the innovation that it would take for me to go to the next level with my business.

And friends, if you know me, you’ve got an inkling that LuLaRoe never was my end-game goal for my life. This blog will live on, and will transition over to my new endeavor that removes the stress of the packing and the shipping so that I can focus on the community and the relationships and the team.

A Final Word about LuLaRoe

I’ve truly learned so much about myself by working as a LuLaRoe retailer. I am so, so grateful for the connections it has enabled me to make. The trainings I have taken. The community and the blossoming of my self-expression through the clothing that I wear. It’s huge! I am so grateful for all of that.

If you’re part of my group, be on the lookout for ways to be able to score some customer appreciation specials. I anticipate there being a few blog posts coming about how to go out of business, but be ready for a visual change and something new and fun to be coming to this blog.

I may be going out of business with LuLaRoe, but I am not going away.