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So you’re starting a podcast, and you’re thinking through all of the logistics of getting it set up and out in the world. But you have a burning question: do I need show notes for my podcast?

This isn’t a stupid question, by the way. If you’re starting a podcast, then chances are that you have decided NOT to take the blogging route, so you don’t have to write. It’s ok, some folks sit down in front of a computer to write and get complete paralysis. I get it – I love blogging and even now have issues coming up with stuff occasionally.

However, I would argue that every podcast needs some form of show notes, and here’s why.

Show Notes Help with SEO

If only audio content could be indexed by Google. The internet would see the incredible value that you have produced.

I look at transcripts from my client’s episodes daily, and the sheer amount of content is almost staggering. A twenty-eight-minute interview is almost 6000 words. Try writing all of that in half an hour. That sounds exhausting!

We all know that Google likes to index our content, and dig through each posts’ metadata, and loves those long, juicy, informative posts. So how can we get information out there about all that amazingness on our podcasts?

Enter show notes. While these aren’t at the same level as a 6000-word blog post, the text written will help Google’s search crawlers to see the new content that you have created, and who needs to see it.

Your Audience Needs Show Notes

They may not realize it, but they really do.

Have you ever flipped through a restaurant menu, and wanted to know more beyond just the titles of the dishes? My favorite restaurants break down the ingredients and tell you all the flavors that make up this dish. It doesn’t give me the entire recipe, but it gives me enough to decide that this is exactly what I want.

Your show notes are like those recipe descriptions. They help your listeners, who are likely scrolling through their favorite podcast listening platform, trying to figure out what to listen to. These descriptions tell them succinctly what to expect, and exactly what you are going to give them.

Also, your people will be grateful that you have show notes as you develop a backlog of content. Instead of asking you about “that episode where you talked about that one thing…” then they can look through show notes to find exactly what they are looking for.

Show Notes Connect Your Audience to Valuable Resources

So let’s say that you mention resources in your podcast.

Here’s an example. I love Mike Pearson’s Stupid Simple SEO course. I took it, and loved it. So if I was on a podcast about blogging, and someone asked me about how I learned SEO, I would want to share a link to his course!

Show notes is where you can put these links.

Additionally, let’s say you have an interview with an industry expert. If you think a person is worth interviewing and putting on your show, then you should probably link to how your audience can find them so that they can continue to learn from them.

Show notes will allow you to have a place to link to the other person’s content or social media channels. This helps put everything in one place.

You Need Show Notes to Connect With Your Audience

Podcasts are great because they are FREE, and that is truly my favorite F word. However, you want to be able to connect with your audience and make conversions.

Show notes are a great way to showcase your current offers.

You can also use your show notes as a way to help get people on your email list, so that you can continue to offer them even more value! This is a great place to house all of those offers.

You Need Content for your Website

Look no further: with show notes, you’ll have consistent content on your website.

Posting show notes helps keep your website growing and active, which Google loves.

Need Help with Show Notes?

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