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If you have followed any of my journey with this blog, then you have seen the evolution. You’ve seen the tagline “never just a dress,” the transition from LuLaRoe to Color Street, and the addition of affiliate marketing and blogging posts. You may, like me, have a little bit of content whiplash, wondering what in the world is happening here, and what to expect.

For a while, if I am being honest, I did too.

I knew what I wanted my personal brand to be: I wanted something that dealt with pearls and grit. After all, a pearl is born of adversity. It’s when an irritation is transformed into something amazing; something beautiful and even priceless. Conversely, grit is determination. That oyster has to be filled with determination to transform that grain of sand, right? While I haven’t had a hard life, I am finding myself facing the future full of grit and determination, with some huge goals, plans, and dreams.

My favorite blogs have always been those that told an overall story: each post could stand alone easily, but when the reader zooms out, the whole theme is clear. It finally all clicked for me, after a year of this blog being live, and it stopped me in my tracks when I realized that.

So what does that mean for this blog, and how does that fit? Let’s talk about what you can expect to see here, and why I blog.

Expect to See Documentation of the Birth of a Business

This is more than just a “girl with a dream” and some motivation quotes about making your dreams come true. All those “just a girl with a dream” folks know that dreams don’t make themselves come true. Posting a few motivational quotes on Instagram doesn’t pay the bills: it’s just a small piece of a bigger strategy that involves a ton of work. My story is a well-rounded story of a direct sales journey, lessons learned from years of experience, and a moment of realizing precisely what I was made for, and how I am going to work to make that happen.

Be on the lookout for the social well. That’s all I am going to tell you for the moment, because there’s a lot of aspects of this business that are in development. You’ll see:

  • The process of starting a corporation (yep, we’re skipping an LLC and going incorporated upon the advice of our accountant, who totally rocks! If you’re in the San Diego area, I wholeheartedly recommend Blackbull Accounting)
  • A TON of learning and personal development
  • The development of resources

Expect to See Posts About Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

It would be silly to not share all the learning that I am doing on this journey, including tools and processes that work for me. I have many paid plugins on this blog, and I pay for services that make my blogging journey.

My pie-in-the-sky goal is for affiliate sales from this blog to pay for my dream house. We started our marriage in a tiny one bedroom apartment, and are currently renting a “mother in law house” on someone else’s property. But hey, let’s be real, home ownership is a dream that we are working towards, and we’re working hard towards our dream house (I want waterfront property; Joe wants a fast internet connection: priorities, right?). Bloggers can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, so it’s not inconceivable that income from the blog could quickly accumulate to pay for a down payment, and then a mortgage.

Almost every link in this site is monetized, which means that the price does not change for you, but that I get a kick back from the company for sharing this with you. How cool is that? You get products you need, I get a kickback for sharing the products I love with you. That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing.

Expect to see quarterly income reports. I’m all about transparency and helping people see that blogging is a legitimate form of income. I don’t want to have monthly “humble brag” posts. You can see my first income report here.

Expect to See Information About Direct Sales

I love direct sales. Watching friends turn into total boss babes and be able to apply that confidence to everything they do was inspiring. Direct sales is not for everyone, and that’s 100% ok. I have stayed in direct sales because I have found products that I love and use and love to share them. You’ll definitely see posts on this blog about Color Street, including reviews and swatches, and nail care information.

Why? Because blogging is a way in which I share what I love. It’s part of my personal strategy to help people find me. When people search for “nail care” on Pinterest, I want them to find my blog and my pins like this one. I want them to view me as an expert on my company, and trust that I will take care of them. I want people to join my team of nearly a hundred amazing women who are making extra income for their families. My goal is to provide valuable resources for many people here.

If you’re following my blog, thank you for being a part of this story. I am honored to be able to share this exciting, big story with all of you, and remind you: it takes grit to be a pearl.

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