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I’ve had a few folks ask about my ColorStreet hostess packet, so we’re just gonna whip up a nice blog post about it. It’s important to spoil your hostesses up front so that they are going to do the extra work in their parties in order to get better rewards.┬áHere’s a breakdown of what I put into the perfect hostess packet.

The Perfect Hostess Packet Breaks Down Party Rewards

In every hostess packet, I include a print out of the host rewards that a hostess can earn at the party. I make sure to mark on that sheet: my host needs to know the potential of what they can earn! This includes all potential booking specials from the party.

Don’t be afraid to have a goal for the party. Make sure to circle the “goal” for the party, and say “let’s shoot for these rewards!” This helps the hostess have a goal to work towards, and you help build confidence by saying that you believe that she can achieve these levels.

The Perfect Hostess Packet Includes a Booking Gift

One of the unique things about ColorStreet is that it puts it upon the stylist to give the first gift with a nail bar. My preference is to give a hostess a full set of nails, preferably a special set (if it’s around a holiday, a holiday set, or a summery or spring looking set).

With the set, I include a note that says “just because I believe that you can hit the $150 in sales to get the free gift, I’m going to start you out with this!” That shows the host that I believe in them and their party (do you see a trend of instilling confidence?). Additionally, I want the host to have a full set of strips so that they can apply LIVE during their party to show folks how easy it can be! The way to make sure that they do it? Send them a set. Easy peasy.

The Perfect Hostess Packet Includes a Catalogue and Helps With a WishList

It’s the digital age; I know. Everything that you need to know about everything is already on the internet. Let’s be real though, there’s something magical about a catalogue so that you can mark all your wants and desires. However, don’t just send a catalogue – mark a few of your favorite designs for your host, AND include a set of sticky notes so that she can mark her favorites too. You may direct her to a few things she never thought of before.

The Perfect Hostess Packet Includes a Little Extra Somethin-Somethin

A Starbucks gift card rounds out my hostess packet. I put it In the packet just as a little extra something so that she can have an extra little something to enjoy as she makes her wish list. Here’s the thing: at a party, a host should feel special and appreciated. Why NOT send a gift card to a popular coffee shop? This also helps create a set-aside experience to make the wish list.

Excited about creating a host packet? Here’s a list of recommended items from Amazon that you can use to create the perfect hostess packet! While we’re at it, you should check on my blog post on 3 Simple Ways to Turn Samples into Sales here. Interested in joining my ColorStreet team? I’d love to invite you to join my opportunity group on Facebook where you can ask questions.

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