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The softer the clothing, the more likely is it to experience pilling. This is a one thing that many people have experienced happening in their closet, including their LuLaRoe, because many of the fabrications are incredibly soft, and therefore, prone to pilling. Purses – especially anything canvas – will rub against clothing and cause excessive amounts of pilling, making your clothing look old and shabby. Fear not: I have two different ways to help you remove pilling from your LuLaRoe clothing to look as good as new.

Remove Pilling with the Razor Method

All you need to do this is a standard razor. I recommend a cheap, basic razor (because let’s be real, the kind of razor you rub against your face or legs may have extra blades/conditioner/aloe/whatever, and that isn’t necessary for the removal of pilling.

Locate the pilling on your clothing, and simply use the razor to shave the extra fuzzies off. It’s that easy!

Many times, I will use a razor that is dull from use. I used an old razor to remove pilling from one of my favorite Carlys (a belt rubbed the fabric and caused the pilling). I used the dull one, because I was honestly afraid that I would ruin my dress. However, it worked perfectly to restore the dress to it’s former non-pilly glory. I’m here to tell you that this method works.

I will add, you still need to be gentle with the razor. Lightly shave the pilling off; do not press the razor into the fabric. If you press too hard, you WILL cause holes to form in the fabric (I tested this theory for you so you don’t have to).

Remove Pilling with a Pill Removal Machine

Some may prefer not to have a dedicated razor for clothing pilling removal. I prefer having a specific tool for removing pilling in my drawer so I don’t have a razor randomly sitting around. There truly is an invention to meet every need (and more being invented every day).

You can purchase a pilling removal device from Here’s the Amazon choice one. Here’s another one that will work equally nicely. And here’s one that is pink, if that is your jam.

To use this device, ensure that it has batteries (if required & not included), and simply follow the directions on the packaging to carefully remove the pilling. Just a few minutes and you will be set as good as new.

It’s amazing what new life can be restored to items with a few swipes of a pill remover. Got questions about how this works? I’d love to have you join my VIP community.