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  • 3 Simple Ways to Turn Samples Into Sales

    If you’re part of a direct sales company that allows you to send samples, that’s a great thing! That means that you get to work with your clientele on a “try before you buy” basis so that they can see your product without risk; without paying for the whole thing. Most of the time, the ability to give samples leads to loyal customers later. However, samples require a great followup strategy in order for them to be effective – so here’s my answer to the question, “I’ve sent samples, now what should I do?”

    Follow Up on Samples in Two Days

    Let’s say that you’ve sent samples in the mail. You’ve collected their information (make sure you get a way to contact them; an email address or a connection on Facebook). Send them a message two days after you send the sample. Here’s a quick run-down of what that message should say:

    “Hey [friend], just wanted to let you know that your samples hit the mail two days ago and you should be getting them anytime now! I just wanted to make sure that you have instructions on how to use them – here’s a few links to get you started! I value your opinion, so I’m super excited to hear what you think of them!”

    Here’s what you did in that message:

    • Told them to be watching their mailbox, which builds excitement
    • Gave them needed information to be able to use the samples
    • Told them that their opinion of the product is important to you

    This message doesn’t necessarily require much of a response, so if you just get a thumbs up on Facebook, don’t be offended. You didn’t ask a question that necessitated a response, so you’re golden.

    Follow Up on Samples in Two Weeks

    Assuming you haven’t gotten an OMG WOW THIS PRODUCT IS THE BEST message from your person, you need to follow up. Two weeks from the time you dropped that sample in the mail, you should be sending another message. Here’s what you should say:

    “Friend, I am SO EXCITED to hear what you thought of the sample I sent you! Have you used it yet? I cannot wait to hear your opinion!”

    Here’s what you did in that message:

    • Reminded them that their opinion was important to you
    • Reminded them that you HAD sent them something
    • Asked them if they had USED the item you sent (an unused sample does no one any good)

    This gives you the chance to see if they’ve actually used the sample that you sent, and if they are ready to buy the real product – this is a great time to ask them if they’ve had a chance to look at your website, and what is their favorite. Keep the conversation going!

    Follow Up on Samples in Two Months

    This is my favorite part of the follow up process, has the potential to be the most fruitful, and is one of the most easily forgotten. Two months after the samples? Well, hopefully, the sample netted sales, but this is the perfect time to follow up and ask about hosting a party. Of course, don’t message that person if they provided negative feedback and hate your product – you’ll just annoy them, and end up frustrated.

    “Friend, I just wanted to see if you’ve given any thought to that sample I sent you – I LOVED that one for you! I know it’s been a while, but I was thinking that if you liked it, we should see about getting you some more for FREE! I love doing Facebook parties with my peeps – do Sundays, or Thursdays work better for you?”

    Here’s what I did:

    • Reminds them I haven’t forgotten them
    • Their sample was picked especially for them
    • Tells them that they can get MORE for FREE
    • Does not give a “yes or no” question

    This two month followup can often be JUST long enough, if they made a purchase, to catch them right at the time when they are ready to buy more, and your thinking of them at just the right time can net a party – and potentially even a future teammate. Want to learn more about follow-up? Take this course from the Sassy Suite.

    This magical two-two-two month follow-up will help you find and connect with excellent customers, and help build your team. I apply this to my ColorStreet business – would you like to learn more? I’d like to help coach and mentor you into an excellent and fulfilling business. Join my team’s opportunity group here to find out more. Here’s a post about how to choose a direct sales sponsor – I think you’d really like picking me!

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