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In the world of nail polish, a “dupe” is when totally different brands have the same color. This is GREAT, because many people choose their nail polish based on the brand. It may be name recognition (I mean, who doesn’t recognize OPI or Essie?); it just may be the emotional association with the brand. It may be previous experience using the brand. There’s a lot of psychology behind why a person chooses a specific brand, and that’s a whole different blog post. I’m not hating; I used OPI almost exclusively before I discovered Color Street. For those who are searching for their favorite color, you’re going to want to bookmark this page, because, voila: here is the ultimate Color Street nail polish dupe list.

How does this post work? I’ve divided colors out by Color Street solid, glitter, design, and glitter design. Under each of those categories are the names of the Color Street sets. Then, I will list any known dupes, along with the brand. The BEST way to use this, if you’re searching for a specific color, is to use the Ctrl + F (or, Command + F, if you’re a Mac user like me) function to search the page for the name. That will take you right to what you’re looking for!

SOLID Color Street Nail Polish Dupe List

Most of the dupes will appear in this list, if we’re being realistic. It’s going to be the easiest to find and match dupes for solid colors, because while the rainbow is made of many different shades, these are relatively straightforward to match. I also carry the solids in a bag in my purse when I know I am going somewhere that I could look for more dupes – makes it super easy to find, right?

You can shop all the Color Street solid colors HERE.

  • Aspen Sky
    • COLOR dupe for OPI You’re Such a Budapest. (YSAB has a shimmer finish vs the creme finish of Aspen Sky.)
  • At the Plaza
  • Baton Rougey
  • Beijing Beauty
    • OPI Dutch Tulips
    • Essie Forever Yummy
    • Sally Hanson Red It Online
  • Charleston Blush
    • OPI Passion
    • Essie Blushing Bride
    • Sally Hanson Tickled Pink
  • Dublin Classic (discontinued)
  • Fire Island Flame
    • OPI A Red-vival City
  • Giza Sands
    • OPI Machu Peach-u
    • Zoya NM Nude Perfector
  • Gold Coast
    • OPI Dazzling Dew Drop
  • It’s a Jersey Shore Thing
  • Jewel of Mumbai
    • NOT a dupe for OPI’s Russian Navy. Russian Navy has more of a purple undertone.
  • London Calling
    • OPI We the Female
    • Essie Bordeaux
    • Sally Hanson Can’t Beet Royalty
  • London Fog
  • Made in Milan
    • OPI Vampsterdam
  • Maine-ly Mums
    • OPI Malibu Pier Pressure
    • OPI Lima Tell You About This Color!
  • Manchester Mauve
    • OPI Tickle My France-y
    • Essie Island Hopping
  • Miami Beach
    • Zoya Mandy (but has slightly more fuschia undertones)
    • Sally Hanson Rosy Glow (also slightly more of a fuschia undertone).
  • Midnight in Manhattan
    • OPI Black Onyx
  • New York Minute
  • Nothing Toulouse
    • OPI Cozu-Melted in the Sun
  • Penny Lane
  • Soliel Ballet
    • Essie Ballet Slipper
  • Steel City
    • Sally Hansen Steel My Heart
  • Upper East Side
    • NOT a dupe for OPI You Don’t Know Jacques – YDNJ has more of a purple undertone
  • Venetian Velvet
    • OPI I’m Not Really a Waitress
  • Windy City
    • Zoya Abby
  • Yemen Lemons

GLITTER: Color Street Nail Polish Dupe List

Glitter is legit my favorite color. It’s also making a huge appearance in trends, with glitter phone cases, glitter-dipped nail art (not just from Color Street, if you search glitter dipped nails on Pinterest, you’ll see it’s a HUGE trend!). Glitter makes the world a happier, more sparkling place.

Shop Color Street glitter nail strips HERE.

  • Blue Lagoon
  • Bordeaux Glitz
  • Capital Hill
  • Concrete Jungle
  • Galway Glimmer
  • Home Sleet Home
  • Ibiza Nights
  • L.A. Dreams
  • Love Scene
  • Mardi Gras
  • Moon River
  • Only in Vegas
  • Rio Red
  • Sahara Jewel
  • Shangri-La
  • Singapore Chic
  • Tinseltown
  • Tokyo Lights
  • Venetian Masquerade

While we’re on the topic of Glitter nail polish…. is anyone else DYING for a Color Street dupe of China Glaze’s famous Ruby Red Pumps? I mean, I HOPED Rio Red would be the dupe I dreamed of, but it has a slight bit more of a burgundy vamp to it – I’m not hating on that, but I need that bright red glitter.

GLITTER DESIGNS: Color Street Nail Polish Dupe List

Glitter designs are tricky to match dupes, because they have a design element to them – I mean, who saw that coming; it’s in the name. This list will be particularly helpful if you want to match colors to patterns.

Shop Color Street glitter designs HERE.

  • Amazonia
  • Atlantis
  • Arctic Evening
  • Coral Bay
  • French Riviera
  • Honolulu Haze
  • Laurel Gardens
  • New Dimensions
  • Pacific Waters
  • Underground Magic
  • Vegas Vixen
  • Wisteria Lane

DESIGNS: Color Street Nail Polish Dupe List

The most helpful part about this list will be the fact that some Color Street patterns are mixed manis, and have a solid colored strip in the mix.

You can shop all of the Color Street nail art designs HERE.

  • Andalusia
  • Boot Camp
  • Chateau Marble
  • Crystal Cave
  • Delhi Delight
    • OPI Now Museum, Now You Don’t
  • Highlands Houndstooth
  • Interstellar
  • Maple Court
  • Marble City
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Northern Wonder
  • Petal Pusher
  • Saloon Girl
  • Silicon Valley
  • Southwest Dream
  • Style District

GLITTER-DIPPED: Color Street Nail Polish Dupe List

This section will be small, because this line up is not a wide variety like the other categories. The goal will be to have dupes of the base colors listed, as well as matching colors for the glitters, when practical.

Not sure what I mean by “glitter-dipped?” Click HERE to see, and shop all of the Color Street Glitter-dipped designs.

  • Cuban Summer
  • Danube Cool
  • Lisbon Nights
  • Monte Carlo Jackpot
  • Paris Couture (don’t miss out on my blog post about Paris Couture – it was the first glitter-dipped set I tried!)

Final note: this blog post does not include Color Street french tips, or discontinued sets. As new catalogs come out, and some of these sets get discontinued, well, it may be time to write a new blog post specifically sharing dupes for the discontinued shades. For the moment, though, it’s not practical to gather historical data…we’ll see if that changes in the future.

If you’ve found any dupes of your own, please add it in the comments; I’ll get those comments and update the post, along with a thank you and mention of your name. Your help is appreciated to make this a robust resource for those who are looking to replace their favorite liquid nail polish color with just the right shade of Color Street. Also, make sure you join my VIP community and say hi, I LOVE getting to know you!

Make sure that you pin this post, because it will continue to be updated as more dupes are discovered, and new additions are made to the Color Street catalog.


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