How did you land on this page? Well, once upon a time, there was a LOT of Color Street content on this blog. It was pretty cool, and Google LOVED me. So odds are, you’ve found something of mine on Pinterest, or Google, and clicked it to get to my site.

Well, I have bad news (and good news). I was asked to remove Color Street content from my blog, which is fine. No problem! But links out there on the internet don’t just disappear. I want to help you find what you’re looking for, so I created this landing page for all of my amazing Color Street links.

Interested in Color Street Application Information?

I wrote an article about how to apply Color Street! It’s SUPER helpful, so I will be moving the whole thing over to my Facebook business page. It’s got pretty pictures and everything to help you get a beautiful application.

You can access it HERE.

Interested in Color Street Removal Information?

I know! Removal is important. I had a post about that too….

Hold tight – link coming soon!

Want to See Color Street Swatches?

I am setting up photo albums of all the Color Street swatches that I have done on my facebook business page. Here’s where you can go see them (links coming soon):

  • Solids
  • Glitters
  • Designs
  • Glitter Designs
  • French Tips

..and more to come

This page will get a bit more robust, but just know – if you have ANY questions, or I can serve you in any way, jump over to my biz page and I will help you out!