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Shipping is arguably one of the most time-consuming tasks that an inventory-based seller does. Granted, a lot of what we do takes a lot of time, from unpacking boxes, creating outfits, maintaining accurate inventory, however, the packing and shipping is one of the necessary tasks that I find most tedious. In a different timeline, where I have unlimited time, I would hire someone to handle all my shipping, but I currently choose to maintain full-time employment (I love what I do, and that’s a totally different story). I recently made the switch to ZenSales for shipping, and here’s why I switched to ZenSales for my shipping (and why you might want to do that too). Read to the end, I have a code for $15 worth of postage for you!

ZenSales Offers Bless Integration

This is the number 1 reason you want to switch. I promise you, you want to do this. It literally takes about 3 clicks to print a label, as opposed to the excessive copying and pasting that I was doing with my previous shipping provider.

ZenSales automatically pulls in the shipping information provided by the customer at the time of purchase. You have the option to be able to edit the address if needed (for example, if the customer is purchasing a gift, they might not want it shipped to their billing address).

The automatic integration with Bless also eliminates the margin of error that can happen when shipping. Sometimes copying and pasting is not foolproof. Since we are humans doing the work, there is a rare chance of error. Eliminating the copying and pasting helps eliminate the potential for error.

ZenSales Offers Text Alerts

Supply and demand is a funny thing. You can plan and project all you want as a company, however, sometimes demand exceeds supply. It just happens. That’s exciting, because it means that LuLaRoe is consistently growing and expanding as a company and people want product.

ZenSales provides a service where you can receive text alerts when items in Build, the retailer’s back-end office, are stocked. I get alerts on my phone when items are added, including the new Elegant Collection that was just released.

Trust me, the second Sarahs are stocked, they are sold out because retailers get that notification, and drop everything and RUN to Build to order. Don’t miss out.

ZenSales Keeps All Your Tracking Numbers in One Place

One of the ONLY things that I miss about the old Bless system was the ability to mark items as shipped. That function saved my butt more than once, because I would scroll through the list of orders and look for all of those tell-tale checkmarks that showed me that I had completed every order and that my customers had happy mail on the way.

Since the switch to the new Bless system (which just keeps getting better and better), I have lamented the ability to mark items as shipped. ZenSales puts them all in one spot, all lined up in a row. Additionally, it marks items according to their USPS status more accurately than some other shipping systems I have used in the past.

Oh, and the emails that customers receive with their tracking number that says their order has been shipped? It includes a rundown of what is in the package. Praise be.

Details on ZenSales and How to Sign Up

ZenSales costs $15 a month. It includes text alerts, shipping, customer management, order management, and more features on the way! Live features are rumored….and I would LOVE to see a loyalty punch card. The text alerts by themselves are $5 a month, so upgrading to the complete package is worth the money. Additionally, they offer a 1-week trial, so you can’t mess up! Most shipping services carry a minor fee, so this isn’t unusual.

Convinced? Need some Zen in your life, just like I did? Click here for your $15 in postage credit.